No Frank Luntz – Suggesting Obama’s Economy Was Better on Jobs than President Trump’s Lacks Candor and Is Just Plain Wrong | Joe Hoft


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No Frank Luntz – Suggesting Obama’s Economy Was Better on Jobs than President Trump’s Lacks Candor and Is Just Plain Wrong

Poor Frank Luntz… He just hasn’t recovered since his horrible prediction the day of the 2016 Presidential election where he declared Hillary Clinton the winner:

Luntz hasn’t been the same since. He absolutely and somewhat silently, abhors President Trump and will do almost anything to disparage our President. Yesterday was no exception as Luntz insinuated in a tweet that President Obama’s jobs numbers were better than President Trumps, this is just not true:

Luntz based his tweet on a post where some liberal took the number of new jobs for President Obama for his best three years out of eight (his last three years) and compares these numbers to President Trump’s first three years in office.

But this is very misleading in many ways.

Overall, Obama lost nearly (2 million) jobs in his first three years in office when compared to President Trump who has gained nearly 7 million jobs. (See numbers from BLS below).

President Trump has gained nearly 9 million more jobs than Obama did in their first three years in office!

But the US lost an additional (3.5 million) jobs in 2008. Obama didn’t gain all the lost jobs back from 2008 and 2009 until his sixth year in office.

Also, much can be said of the kinds of jobs that were gained under Obama versus Trump. Many of the job gains in the Obama years were part time servers at restaurants. Many individuals maintained multiple jobs because Obamacare mandated that employees had to pay for worker health insurance if workers accumulated more than 30 hours a week on the job. So employees halted employee overtime and kept hours to under 30 hours a week and individuals had to maintain two jobs to make ends meat.

Not so with President Trump. President Trump has gained a million more manufacturing jobs than Obama in their respective first three years in office. Manufacturing jobs are traditionally much better paying that server jobs at restaurants.

In addition, President Trump has seen more than 12,000 new factory startups under his first three years in office. Obama and Bush combined to lose more than 55,000 factories in their times in office:

President Trump’s unemployment rate may be the best in history on average for any President. His rate is averaging 3.5% while Obama averaged around 8.5% in his first three years in office.

In every economic measure that can be imagined, President Trump trumps President Obama. Only when liberals manipulate numbers can they claim anything remotely different than the truth.

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