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Ninth Circuit Shuts Down Unconstitutional California Concealed Carry Law

The Ninth Circuit has stopped another unconstitutional gun grab by the corrupt California Democrats again. 

This past week a California Sheriff in Sutter County, California announced that he was not complying with the unconstitutional law that California passed limiting citizen gun rights.

California Sutter County Sheriff and DA Refuse to Enforce Radical Senate Bill Limiting Citizen Gun Rights

CNN reported today that:

A new California gun law banning the concealed carry of firearms in “sensitive places” – including places of worship, public libraries, amusement parks, zoos and sporting events – is once again blocked after a decision Saturday by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The law signed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom – Senate Bill 2 – was temporarily halted last month after District Judge Cormac Carney issued an injunction deeming the gun control measure unconstitutional and “repugnant to the Second Amendment.”

Carney’s ruling was subsequently put on hold by a three-judge panel that determined more time was needed by the court to consider the arguments of both sides.

That pause was however “dissolved” Saturday by a 9th Circuit panel, which indicated arguments in the case will be considered in April, effectively re-instituting Carney’s original blocking of the law.
Here is another report on the action taken by the 9th Circuit.

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