NEW YORK EXCLUSIVE – PART IV: NYC Mayor Adams Shuts Down Task Force to Protect Letitia James’s Castro-Loving, Drug and Organized Crime Related Bronx Businessman | Joe Hoft


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NEW YORK EXCLUSIVE – PART IV: NYC Mayor Adams Shuts Down Task Force to Protect Letitia James’s Castro-Loving, Drug and Organized Crime Related Bronx Businessman

Jimmy Rodriguez and Letitia James

NYC Mayor Adams shuts down a task force put in place by Rudy Giuliani to protect the city from establishments related to drugs and organized crime.

New York City Mayor Adams to the rescue.  The corrupt owners of restaurants like Jimmy’s Cafe no longer live in fear of being raided by the NYPD.

Corrupt Soros-backed New York Attorney General Letitia James’s associate Jimmy Rodriguez is no longer at risk of having NYPD doing their job and addressing any crimes occurring at his restaurants.  Rodriguez entertained Fidel Castro at his establishment in the 1990s.  His establishments have also been connected to drugs and organized crime.

Letitia James’s relationship with Rodriguez was all reported in the three prior articles in this series with the most recent embedded below.

NEW YORK EXCLUSIVE – PART III: Corrupt NY AG Letitia James Is Connected to Castro-Loving, Drug and Organized Crime Related Bronx Businessman

Only two days after this latest article, Mayor Adams on Thursday the 28th announced that the task force put in place by Rudi Giuliani will be dismantled.  

Mayor Adams, an avowed booster of New York City’s nightlife scene, is dismantling a decades-old, multiagency enforcement task force that has long been accused of using heavy-handed tactics during inspections at bars and venues across the Big Apple.

The so-called MARCH task force, which has comprised the NYPD, the Department of Buildings, the FDNY, the State Liquor Authority and other agencies, will be replaced by a new initiative called CURE — Coordinating a United Resolution with Establishments — that’s going to focus on “compliance and education, not overenforcement,” Adams told reporters Thursday.

“This is an era of no more demonizing successful businesses, but promoting, lifting them up,” Adams said during a press conference at the Paragon nightclub in Bushwick, Brooklyn. “We want to continue to be the city that never sleeps.”

The NYPD-led MARCH initiative, which was launched by Mayor Rudy Giuliani in the 1990s, has drawn the ire of nightlife establishment owners for decades over its SWAT team-like surprise raids during peak business hours in response to noise complaints, health code violations and other community grievances. The raids resulted in either fines or mandatory closures of nightlife spots.

This task force won’t be “demonizing successful businesses” but it also won’t be raiding businesses connected to organized crime where drug buffets are a known occurrence.

Even disgraced former US Representative Anthony Weiner can see that Adam’s actions reek of corruption.  It’s not just that Letitia James is connected to restauranter Rodriguez but what also reeks is that NYPD Police Chief Ed Caban’s brother has a stake in one of Rodriguez’s restaurants, Con Sofrito!

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New York is now rotted from within.  Unfortunately so is Biden’s DOJ and Obama’s courts.  How will the crooked running NYC be replaced with good people who put their country ahead of power?


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