NEW YORK EXCLUSIVE – PART III: Corrupt NY AG Letitia James Is Connected to Castro-Loving, Drug and Organized Crime Related Bronx Businessman | Joe Hoft


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NEW YORK EXCLUSIVE – PART III: Corrupt NY AG Letitia James Is Connected to Castro-Loving, Drug and Organized Crime Related Bronx Businessman

New York’s Corrupt AG Letitia James is hanging around with a Castro supporter who’s drug and mafia related.  

New York’s corrupt AG, Letitia James, is behind the bogus civil case against President Trump claiming his near billion dollar palace in Florida, Mar-a-Lago, is worth only $18 million.  This ridiculous understatement is the mechanism that James is using in her attempt to shut down President Trump’s businesses in New York.

There is no crime in this case.  President Trump did nothing wrong.  All the parties in the case were made whole.  This case never should have made it into the courtroom in the first place.  But this is New York justice under totally corrupt Letitia James.

James who is backed by corrupt Nazi sympathizer George Soros, is going after President Trump who has done more good for New York than James ever will do.

What is hidden by Big Media is that James is the one who should be investigated for crimes.

On Saturday we reported that James hangs out with the owner of Jimmy’s Bronx Cafe, Jimmy Rodriguez.  When Rodriguez first owned this club in 1995 he invited Fidel Castro to dine there. 

NEW YORK EXCLUSIVE – PART I: AG Letitia James Hangs Out with Castro Supporter Connected to Drugs and Shootings

We next reported on how Letitia James’s associate Rodriguez is connected to drugs. 

Back in 1991 Rodriguez had two businesses seized by federal agents during drug arrests. Rodriguez also had an auto body shop that was used to build compartments in cars to ship drugs.

Based on Rodriguez’s past, it is no surprise that Letitia James would hang out with Rodriguez at his restaurants.  (See picture above)  James has shown the whole world that she is crooked and she uses the law to attack those she hates.  She doesn’t prevent crimes, she creates them.

Rodriguez’s restaurants are known for cocaine buffets.  In a podcast out of New York, one guest shared about the lines for cocaine at Jimmy’s establishments.

See more here:

NEW YORK EXCLUSIVE – PART II: Corrupt NY AG Letitia James, NYC Mayor Adams and Police Commissioner Caban All Aligned with Drugs and Corruption

Rodriguez (and therefore his acquaintance Letitia James) are also connected to organized crime.

A video on YouTube discussed organized crime members meeting with Rodriguez who was petitioning them to sieze $2 million in an unpaid loan that Rodriguez claimed was his.  The gangsters were to receive 10% or $100,000 each for collecting the amount Rodriguez claimed he was due.

See the below video starting at the 2:50 mark:

Leticia James hangs around with Jimmy Rodriguez. 

So do many of the top politicians in New York, including Mayor Eric Adams, Police Chief Ed Caban, Speaker of the New York Assembly Carl Heastie, DA Darcel Clark, and many more.

New York Attorney General Letitia James hangs out with a Castro supporter, connected to drugs and organized crime.  Letitia James should never be overseeing a garbage case against President Trump and his businesses in New York.

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