NEW YORK EXCLUSIVE – PART I: AG Letitia James Hangs Out with Castro Supporter Connected to Drugs and Shootings | Joe Hoft


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NEW YORK EXCLUSIVE – PART I: AG Letitia James Hangs Out with Castro Supporter Connected to Drugs and Shootings


Jimmy Rodriguez and Letitia James

New York’s Corrupt AG Letitia James is hanging around with Castro supporters aligned with drug dealers and shootings.  This says it all. 

New York’s corrupt AG, Letitia James, is behind the bogus civil case against President Trump claiming his near billion dollar palace in Florida, Mar-a-Lago, is worth only $18 million.  This ridiculous understatement is the reason James wants to shut down President Trump’s businesses in New York.

The crime in this case is that it ever made it into the courtroom in the first place.  But this is New York under Letitia James.

James who is backed by corrupt Nazi sympathizer George Soros, doesn’t want President Trump in her state but she has no problem hanging with individuals who support Fidel Castro, who also hang out with drug dealers, and run facilities where shootings are a common place.

In 1995 MLB players were warned to stay away from Jimmy’s Bronx Cafe.

Players are being warned by Major League Baseball officials to stay away from Jimmy’s Bronx Cafe, a popular eatery partly owned by Yankees Of Ruben Sierra. The New York Daily News reported yesterday that Jimmy’s is frequented by what one baseball official reportedly called “unsavory characters.” “They said to try to stay away,” said Sierra, who acknowledged he holds a $450,000 interest in the restaurant on Fordham Road, about a mile from Yankee Stadium. Jimmy’s, a popular Hispanic-owned business, is a favorite spot for professional athletes, musicians and politicians — despite at least two shootings this year in the streets just outside. The official, who requested anonymity, said the Yankees and top baseball executives have heard allegations that drug dealers are often guests at Jimmy’s.

The official said Kevin Halliman, the major leagues’ security chief, met at Yankee Stadium with Hispanic ballplayers and conveyed his “serious concern” about players being seen at Jimmy’s. Among those who agreed to stay away was Sierra.

Jimmy’s Bronx Cafe was known to cater to drug dealers and other shady characters.

The owner of Jimmy’s Bronx Cafe, Jimmy Rodriguez, was also reportedly delinquent on taxes in 2015, owing more than $1.4 million to New York state.

Jimmy Rodriguez also started up other restaurants like Con Sofrito.  This is one of many ventures according to Jimmy’s LinkedIn account.

Rodriguez hangs around some old and new friends at his new playgrounds but overall nothing has really changed for him.  In 1995 Rodriguez hosted Fidel Castro at his Bronx cafe. The New Yorker reported on this event.

Based on Rodriguez’s past, it is no surprise that Letitia James would hang out with Rodriguez at his restaurants.  (See picture above)

Letitia James would rather have Castro supporters in her New York than good Americans who love freedom and this country.  There is much more to this story.  More coming. 

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