New York City Mayor Adams Hangs Out in Seedy Places with Sordid People – Do New Yorkers Care? | Joe Hoft


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New York City Mayor Adams Hangs Out in Seedy Places with Sordid People – Do New Yorkers Care?

NYC Mayor Adams hangs out in seedy places with sordid people.  Why do New Yorkers accept this?

New York City Mayor Adams is very corrupt.  We know this from the people he hangs out with.

This is important for the people of NYC to know.  They deserve better, not another corrupt Democrat who commits crimes while targeting others with lawfare.

Former NYPD officer Sal Greco was removed from the NYPD because he associated with Roger Stone.  Although Stone was pardoned by President Trump for the non-crimes the Obama gang charged him with, Stone was considered a felon by the city of New York.  (Stone was accused of being involved in the transfer of documents between WikiLeaks and Russia that were stolen from the DNC.  This was an impossibility because we know now that Russia was never involved in the transfer of documents to WikiLeaks and Russia never hacked the DNC.)

NYC has a law that says the city officials shall not hang with felons.  NYC claimed Stone was a felon and fired officer Greco.  He then sued the city for his firing.  Officer Greco had an unblemished record.

Judge Allows Sal Greco Case to Move Forward – Fired for Being Friend of Roger Stone

The problem that NYC has is that the corrupt mayor of NYC, Eric Adams, hangs out with felons and criminals seemingly every day.  How can he do this if the law used to fire Greco is in place?

More Colleagues of NYC Mayor Adams Investigated for Crimes

NYC not only allows Adams to hang with known felons, he is being backed by the city in a case against him from years ago when he was a policeman.  Why would the city do this?  The incident occurred long before Adams became mayor?

BREAKING: Former NYPD Officer Sal Greco Requests Info on Why NYC Law Is Backing Mayor Adams in Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Greco points out that Adams continues to hang out with criminals.

Now others are starting to notice.

It’s time for justice in NYC.



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