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New Florida Law Prevents Public from Accessing Information on “Blank Ballots” Identified in Florida Elections

Election fraud identified in Florida in the 2020 Election through the use of machines that was uncovered recently will no longer be identifiable due to the new law in Florida. 

A report in the Miami Independent uncovered problems with the new election law in Florida.  This law, passed by the GOP, will prevent transparency in future elections.

According to the Miami Independent:

Pressure has been building in the ‘not so free’ state of Florida as activists have discovered a massive scheme that likely exists in other states across the nation — the use of ‘blank ballots’ designated by election machines to ‘readjudicate’ ballots by software in large numbers.

In other words, ballots are designated as ‘blank’ when cast, then the machine software decides who the voter should have voted for.

For instance, in Miami-Dade County in 2020, 68,000 ballots were designated as ‘blank’ by election machines. In some precincts, the number equaled 20% of ballots cast. In the 2022 midterm election, this number went to essentially zero (400) as activists had begun making public the ‘blank ballot’ scheme.

However, in 2022 some counties didn’t get the memo. Broward County still showed 10% ‘blank ballots’ cast.

This phenomenon obviously makes no sense. It is statistically improbably that 68k voters in 2020 cast blank ballots in Miami-Dade. The issue is rampant across Florida.

After discovering this machine election fraud scheme, activists began asking for machine election reports across the state via open records requests.

Legislators noticed, and just recently passed an ‘election fraud bill’, SB7050/HB7067 in Florida. Guess what? The bill removes statutory access by the public to the reports used by activists to discover and prove the massive machine election fraud.

No reports, no fraud…right?

At what point do we realize that the GOP is not on the side of Americans?

This provides more evidence that America is run by a Uniparty.  Democrats and Republicans are on the same side it appears when it comes to election integrity.

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