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New California is California’s “Two States, From One” Solution

New California is California’s “Two States, From One” Solution

We all know California has fallen under tyrannical rule.  Mass Californian exodus to other states vividly illustrates this picture.  Since California has become financially irretrievable, thankfully the Founding Fathers of the United States were wise enough to know human nature and that times such as today would arise.  They had the wisdom and the foresight to build into the constitution a solution.  New California State is California’s Solution—two states from one!

New California is Constitutional

Article IV Section 3 of The United States Constitution allows for a new state to be formed from an existing state with the approval of the State Legislature and Congress.

Article IV Section 4 of The United States Constitution states The United States shall guarantee every state in the Union a republican form of government and shall protect each of them against invasion and domestic violence.  California state is not providing any of these guarantees.

The United States Constitution mandates the Right and the Responsibility, the Duty of the People who are suffering the long train of abuses and usurpations at the hands of a tyrannical government to abolish and make new a government by the People and for the People under GOD….  Article IV section 4 provides the justification when these guarantees are not being met.

For decades, as an educator, Paul Preston the founder and Governor Pro Tempore of New California State (NCS), saw the direction California, the once Golden State, was headed.  He knew something had to be done and went on a mission to find a viable solution.  New California State organization was born.

New California follows the Virginia/West Virginia State Split Model

The idea of splitting up California has been around for years and has been tried over 200 times by various means, but none of them have been constitutional.   Article IV section 3 states the approval of the state legislature is needed to move onto Congress for approval of statehood.  NCS had every intention of doing that – but when the time came, “we the people” of California had been abandoned by our elected officials due to Co   v  id…  New California State had to keep moving forward.  Researching history Paul became aware of the means in which West Virginia became a state. The citizens of West Virginia did not want to be a “slave state”; they wanted their independence from the “slave state” of Virginia.  The people tried to go to their Virginia legislature, but the elected officials had abandoned their constituents by joining the Confederacy and seceding from the Union of states. So, they had no choice but to go straight to Congress.  Congress sent them back to their state saying they needed approval from their state legislature.  Since there was no legitimate state government to get approval from, one needed to be formed.  The West Virginian’s created “Reorganized Virginia” a viable state government, sought approval, and then went back to Congress for their approval.  It was eventually granted, and the rest is history…  New California State is following the West Virginia model.  Yes, Reorganized California approved forming a new state out of an existing state—not seceding.  Forming a new state is not a new or radical idea, it’s been done 50 times.  Our forefathers intended for new states to continually form as populations grew.

New California has “Standing”

New California State achieved “Standing” in the U.S. Supreme Court based on declaring Independence January 15, 2018. Since then, 190 grievances, 10 declarations of truths, 14 notices of California defaults and 3 Proclamations of Truths have been written and read at the state capitol and superior court houses around the state. As well as successfully executing 12 Constitutional conventions and the first Constitutional Convention of Reorganized California.

New California has an acting Bi-Cameral Legislature

Numerous steps/phases exist to the statehood process. The New California State movement is in the final phase and on track to become the 51st state.  Very important self-governance components exist for statehood preparation; a new state must be able to govern itself.  New California State functions with a bi-cameral legislature, constitution, and resolutions. In fact, New California State’s Legislature operates Constitutionally, unlike California’s current legislature.

New California sent delegates to Washington DC to advocate for statehood

March of 2023, delegates were sent to Washington, D.C. to advocate for statehood and deliver documents to the then Speaker of The House, Kevin McCarthy.  The delegates reported that people were receptive, excited, and interested to learn this lever exists.

Other states have begun the new state process.  Currently, New Illinois, New Oregon, New Nevada and New Arizona participate in the New State Movement. There will be a domino effect created when “We the People” throw off the tyrants.

California faces an EXISTENTIAL financial crisis

California’s and the United States’ current existential financial crisis is what takes the process over the finish line.  Like most decisions it will come down to finances.  Technically, a state cannot declare bankruptcy, but a “managed bankruptcy” plan to navigate through California’s deficit has already been created by Chriss Street, CEO for NCS.  Chriss Street along with Paul Preston identified and successfully managed Orange County’s bankruptcy in the 1990’s.

Without Nancy Pelosi’s fundraising schemes and California’s “bad fiscal reputation”, other state representatives will not and should not be willing to, yet again, bail out California at the detriment of their own state.  California has over 922 amendments to the state’s current “contractual constitution”, making it impossible to “reform”, “save” or “fix” California. Initiatives with these ideas are just fund-raising endeavors; they will never work.  California has legislatively painted itself into a corner.

New California State is California’s financial solution

New California State has the constitutional solution to help California financially and will be a win/win for both States along with strengthening the United States as a whole. New statehood remains the only solution out of California’s deficit.  Not only is New California the only option, but it’s a great one—neither the 49 states nor the Federal Government can afford this disaster!

Meanwhile, members of New California are investigating and uncovering fraud and corruption up and down the state in all counties.  At this point, 28 Registrar of Voters or County Clerk Recorders have left office due to the receipt of 100 New California State Declarations which shows an algorithmically corrupted election.  The New California phrase, “They know, we know, they know what we know!”  reverberates often. The Great State of New California will not tolerate bought and paid for politicians and government officials, nor will it tolerate non-transparent fraudulent elections.


New California’s statehood will be positive for the nation all the way around.  Currently failed states, such as California, Illinois, New York, Oregon, etc. do not have clean credit or a constitution.  Progressive leaders replaced constitutions with contracts, hence California’s 922 plus changes.  Additionally, new states enjoy “fresh start” accounting aka perfect credit for New California State. That translates to low interest borrowing, Wall Street ventures and bond issuances for infrastructure projects.  California and New California return to their original constitutions with a few 21st century updates.

New states will strengthen the United States as a whole. There’s no need for a Convention of States; especially with Godless Communist leaders today. If troubled states follow NCS and Article IV Section 3, they will return to a republican form of government. Currently, we’re seeing examples of this in Argentina and El Salvador—republics work! Nations reverting to their original republic creations uplifts everyone.

New California State is a peaceful constitutional, “We the People Movement”.  We have the right and authority to throw off the chains of a dictator and tyrannical government.  We the People of California demand our liberty and sovereignty with New California State.

Read the New California State At-A-Glance found under “Glance” on website.  Become a member today—it’s FREE but freedom isn’t!


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