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New California Citizen Discovers Dominion Ran the Entire 2020 Election in Riverside County

A courageous California citizen is not taking “no” for an answer.  Through her perseverance she discovered that an associate of Dominion Voting Systems ran the entire Riverside County election in 2020.  

How is this legal?

One individual in Riverside County, California will not take “no” for an answer.  Through her perseverance she keeps uncovering unreal things in her county’s election.

Shelby Bush reported her latest discovery at this week’s Riverside County Board of Supervisor’s meeting.

Bush shared:

I am Shelby Bunch, Riverside County Chair for New California State.

I am going to begin today by reading an email I recently received (See below). Please listen carefully.

Dated: November 10, 2020 (Regarding our 2020 Presidential Election): 

Who is this John who handled our Riverside ballot counting systems during our entire 2020 Presidential Election so brilliantly? John is a hardware engineer for Dominion Voting Systems. If I hadn’t requested these emails, we would have never known this occurred.

This board has violated the civil rights of every Riverside County citizen by neglecting to ensure the most basic election processes are in place. I don’t think you’ve ever taken the time to even learn what they are.

Under your watch:

  • Major chain of custody violations have occurred.
  • SQL updates were uploaded into the Election Management System during our 2020 Primary (So what was the point of the Logic & Accuracy Test?)
  • A Dominion employee was put in charge of managing our entire ballot counting system during our entire 2020 Presidential election.

Every Riverside County election needs to be decertified going back to at least 2020. It’s time for a public forum and a complete audit of this board as was conducted on the former Registrar of Voters, Rebecca Spencer.

We will be conducting a DEMO Election on January 27, 2024, to show how fair and transparent elections should be conducted.

[The hundreds of thousands of citizens in California behind the New California movement are working towards statehood using the constitutional method the good citizens of West Virginia used during the Civil War when their state of Virginia joined the Confederacy.]

Listen to Bush’s presentation to the Board below:

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