Never-Trumper Lisa Spies, the Wife of New GOP Chief Counsel Charile Spies, Is Connected to the Bushes, Romney, Pence, Bolton, Michael Steele and Charlie Crist | Joe Hoft


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Never-Trumper Lisa Spies, the Wife of New GOP Chief Counsel Charile Spies, Is Connected to the Bushes, Romney, Pence, Bolton, Michael Steele and Charlie Crist

Charlie and Lisa Spies

The wife of new GOP Attorney Charlie Spies is has a past as checkered as her husbands.

The GOP recently hired Charlie Spies as the RNC’s Chief Counsel.  This was followed up with immediate questions about the hire.

The following was previously reported about Charlie Spies:

1. In Sept 2016 he joined forces with his friend Mark Elias to condemn @realDonaldTrump as a threat to democracy, in response to Trump’s debate answer when asked if he would accept his loss.

2. In Sept – October 2016 Spies was calling Trump a grifter on @CBSNews for trying to make money on running for office.

3. As head of Jeb Super pac In 2015 primary, Spies authored a letter to FEC making fun of Trumps bankruptcies and foreign policy experience.

4. Spies, on CPAC panel in 2021 said 2020 election was not stolen, that other side had better message and candidate. (See video)

What’s Going On? GOP Hires Attorney Charlie Spies Who Is Connected to Mark Elias and Rabid Anti-Trumper

It was also noted that Charlie Spies’ wife Lisa also has a shaky past:

8. Wife Lisa Spies suggested in 2016 that Trump is an anti-Semite. She also suggested J6 was horrible day turning people off to giving to republicans.

But there is more.

Charlie and Lisa Spies recently had a lounge named in their honor at Georgetown University.

Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service has named its Fellows Lounge in honor of donors Charlie (L’98) and Lisa Spies.

Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service (GU Politics) at the McCourt School of Public Policy named its newly renovated meeting and convening space for GU Politics Fellows the Charlie (L’98) and Lisa Spies Fellows Lounge in honor of the couple’s generous gift. Mo Elleithee, founding executive director of GU Politics, says the Fellows Lounge is central to the Institute’s mission of bringing people together to talk across differences.

Politics must be a profitable industry not only for Charlie but for Lisa Spies. According to her bio at the LSGroup she is connected to some of the biggest RINOs in the business (see below for a partial list):

Lisa Spies is the President of The LS Group, Inc. a political and non-profit fundraising and development firm.  Lisa has over fifteen-years of experience raising national high-dollar and PAC contributions for campaigns and organizations.  Described as a “Super-Fundraiser” by Capitol File Magazine, Lisa directs multi-million dollar national fundraising efforts including major donor events, PAC events and conferences of all sizes.

Lisa’s recent clients have included John James for U.S. Senate, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, U.S. Senator John Kennedy, U.S. Senator David Vitter, Jeb Bush for President and House Republican Whip Steve Scalise….

…During the 2012 Presidential campaign Lisa was the Director of Women for Romney where she led the effort to raise over $23 million from women across the country, and she also served as the Director of Jewish Outreach for the Romney for President campaign…

During the 2010 election cycle, she served as the DC Finance Director for U.S. Senators John Thune and David Vitter, and the National Finance Coordinator for then Congressman Mike Pence. In 2009 she served as the National Finance Director for Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s record-breaking fundraising effort for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate…

…Other projects she has been involved in are Michael Steele for U.S. Senate (MD), Dick DeVos for Governor (MI), Governor Linda Lingle (HI), and “527” political and 501(c)(4) issue organizations such as Progress for America, the John Bolton Super PAC, and leading the successful $1 million fundraising effort for the Republican Jewish Coalition’s 20th Anniversary Celebration with President George W. Bush

In 2018 Lisa was interviewed by Politico on her birthday:

“My husband, Charlie, threw me a big party at the Fontainebleau resort in Miami for my 40th, and then at Mar-a-Lago last year for my 43rd.

How does the GOP hire such a RINO connected Trump basher like Charlie Spies?


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