Nebraska’s Winner Take All Bill Could Win the 2024 Election for President Trump | Joe Hoft


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Nebraska’s Winner Take All Bill Could Win the 2024 Election for President Trump


A winner-take-all law is being considered in Nebraska that could be a key to the 2024 election. 

Nebraska used to have a winner-take-all electoral process like many states but this was changed three decades ago.  Now the proposal for a winner-take-all electoral college process is in the works.

The bill in question, LB 764, introduced by Senator Loren Lippincott (R-NE), aims to shift Nebraska back to a winner-take-all system for allocating its electoral votes, a departure from its current method that creates division by congressional district. Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen made it clear how dedicated he is to reinstating the winner-take-all (WTA) system, a move that could benefit Trump in November.

“I am steadfast in my commitment to get winner-take-all over the finish line, thereby honoring our constitutional founding, unifying our state, and ending the three-decades-old mistake of allocating Nebraska’s electoral votes differently than all but one other state,” Governor Pillen wrote. The system which has been in place for three decades, allows for a split in electoral votes based on congressional district outcomes—a rarity in the United States, with only Maine sharing a similar approach.

Despite Nebraska’s Republican-leaning tendencies, the state’s system has enabled Democrat candidates to win an electoral vote from the Omaha district, as seen with Barack Obama in 2008 and Joe Biden in 2020.

Here are tweets from Nebraska’s governor.

Governor Pillen says he will sign the bill if passed.

As you can see above, the change in rules which would give President Trump enough electoral votes to prevent Biden from stealing another election.

Also note that the states where Democrats steal elections are absolutely necessary for the Democrats to win.  These corrupt states with corrupt elections pervert the electorate and allow Democrats to run with their America destroying communist policies. 

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