National Guard Captain Blows Up J6 Narrative, Accuses U.S. Govt of Lying to the American People | Joe Hoft


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National Guard Captain Blows Up J6 Narrative, Accuses U.S. Govt of Lying to the American People

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National Guard Captain Blows Up J6 Narrative, Accuses U.S. Govt of Lying to the American People

Kyle Becker shared this on Twitter/X:

“I’m here today to aid the subcommittee in resolving factual errors in the official record of what happened on January 6th, 2021, specifically regarding the alleged District of Columbia National Guard delayed response caused by a critical presidentially appointed, Senate-confirmed Pentagon senior officials,” Captain Timothy Nick testified under oath on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. […]

“First, I want to explain my role on January 6th. I was assigned as aid to camp the personal assistant to Major General William Walker, the commanding General of DC National Guard. It was my only second day on the job (!). Please focus on alleged facts found in the November 16th, 2021 Department of Defense Inspector General’s multidisciplinary review into the DC National Guard response and Department of Defense’s role that day.”

“I can say unequivocally that the Inspector General’s Review is riddled with inaccuracies, misstatements, and perhaps false flags and narratives regarding how critical Pentagon senior officials responded when our republic was under great stress (!!).”

“For instance, during a conference call at 2:31 PM with members of United States Army, US Capitol Police, Metropolitan Police Department, District of Columbia Government, and US Secret Service Uniform Division, the US Army’s Lieutenant General Walter Piatt, Director of Army staff and the Army’s Lieutenant General Charles Flynn, Director of Chief of Staff of Operations were on the call.” Also was Colonel John Lubas, executive officer to the Secretary of the Army.”

“The Army FALSELEY DENIED that General Flynn was ever on the call. This is false and material on its face. Lieutenant Flynn was on the call and even participated in discussions. The defense inspector’s review also rounds language papering over the fact that Lieutenant General Piatt, Lieutenant General Flynn, while on the call discussed how they did not like the OPTICS.”

“That is a direct quote, and they stated it would be in their best military advice to recommend to the Secretary of the Army, Ryan McCarthy, to deny the request from Command General William Walker to deploy the DC National Guard and aid US Capitol Police in restoring restoration of Order Liberty on Capitol Hill.”

“In addition, former [Army] Secretary Ryan McCarthy claims he was on a two three 1:00 PM call and spoke on that call. This is FALSE, unless he was in the room shadowing the call and he did not speak nor identify himself.”

“He was not on the call. He was en route to Washington, DC Regional office at the Federal Bureau of Investigation to support that agent’s concept of operations plan for January 6th.”

“He went on the claim that he called and spoke to Major General Walker at least twice, ordering the deployment of the DC National Guard. This is also FALSE. At no time did General Walker take any calls, nor did we ever hear from the secretary on any of the ongoing conference calls or the secure video teleconferencing throughout the day.”

“This I know because I was with the Command General the entire time recording events throughout the day. Major General Walker told by staff officers to stand by with respect to deploying to the Capitol Hill. Only at 5:09 PM in the early evening, which I wrote down in my wheel book, was the DC Guard given an order to deploy and move to the Capitol to assist Capitol Police.”

“We arrived too late. One American laid dead with other sisters and brothers injured, including federal and local law enforcement officers. We were ready and standing by. I know if we were able to deploy immediately, when General Walker made the request, the National Guard could have helped and civil disturbance and restored public order quickly.”

“The Army National Guard motto was always ready, always there. The DC National Guard was ready to help and assist Capitol Police, but we were NOT ALLOWED to do our job due to paralyzed decision-making by acting Secretary of Defense,Chris Miller and Secretary of the Army, Ryan McCarthy…

“This led to a crisis in federal leadership at the Pentagon and delayed the DC response by 3 hours and 19 minutes.” [Note comments end here – below is Becker’s comments]

This is critical testimony exposing the U.S. government as perpetrating a false narrative of events for January 6 to frame Donald Trump as participating in a treasonous “insurrection” when the opposite was true.

The President of the United States had pre-authorized the deployment of 10,000 National Guard troops and delegated this responsibility to the Secretary of the Army.

But instead of deploying National Guard troops to secure the capitol during the election challenges in the Electoral College, the Pentagon delayed dispatching troops over an alleged concern for “optics,” even as the same government would later call January 6 ‘an existential threat to democracy.’

The U.S. government allowed the January 6 riots to happen in order to frame Donald Trump and his supporters as ‘insurrectionists.’ It is simple as that.

Notable in the whistleblowers message is the notes that General Flynn (General Mike Flynn’s brother) was on the call and was reported as not on the call and Secretary of Defense Miller was paralyzed.  If true this leads to more questions.  

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