Nasty New Jersey Democrat Who Tweeted for “Trump to Go Back To Court” Is Connected to Judge Merchan | Joe Hoft


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Nasty New Jersey Democrat Who Tweeted for “Trump to Go Back To Court” Is Connected to Judge Merchan

Evil Judge Merchan

Corrupt Manhattan Judge Merchan is connected to New Jersey Democrat tweeting from Trump to get back in court. 

Laura Loomer reported on Sunday on the corrupt New Jersey Democrat.


New Jersey Democrat Congresswoman @MikieSherrill , who told President Trump to “go back to court” in New York City (where he’s on trial under Judge Merchan) yesterday while he was having a MASSIVE rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, is a CLIENT of Judge Merchan’s daughter, Loren Merchan, who is the President of the Democrat Political Consulting firm “Authentic Campaigns” @Authentic_HQ .

This is evidence of a Democrat elected official in Congress using President Trump’s trial under Judge Merchan as a form of social media content which directly financially benefits the Judge’s daughter since @MikieSherrill is paying Loren Merchan for “digital consulting”, which includes social media management for the clients of Authentic Campaigns.

Over the last 9 months, @MikieSherrill has paid Judge Merchan’s daughter’s company Authentic Campaigns over $216,793.98

This is another example of yet ANOTHER conflict of interest and another reason why Judge Merchan should recuse himself from President Trump’s trial in NYC.

This is ELECTION INTERFERENCE of the highest order, and it’s being carried out via malicious and unconstitutional gag orders and shady high dollar payments to a Judge’s daughter under the guise of “political digital consulting”.

It’s worth noting how large the payments are by elected Democrats to Authentic Campaigns for their “services”. These rates are considered to be EXTREMELY high for “digital consulting” to a single vendor, and really reiterates the need for an independent
@HouseGOP investigation into Authentic Campaigns and their bank records.

Donald Trump has been gagged and threatened with arrest by Judge Merchan, all while Judge Merchan’s daughter’s clients are using her father’s position as the NY judge overseeing Trump’s trial as a way to attack President Trump online, which then turns into payments for the judge’s daughter, Loren Merchan who bills this service as “digital consulting” to her Democrat, anti-Trump clientele, which also includes the Biden-Harris campaign, the Democrat Senate Majority PAC, and
@RepAdamSchiff , among many other high profile Democrats.

Attorney Jeff Clark shares:

1) The whole campaign operation Judge Merchan’s daughter is running is organized corruption and clearly benefits the whole Merchan family.

2) Thankfully, this New York City prosecution is backfiring for Democrats massively.

3) No politician like
should be telling someone they’re not welcome in their State.

4) I welcome all to visit Virginia and welcome all who engage in civil dialogue and debate.

5) It’s Democrats who’re keen to monopolize”blue” areas because they fear competition.

6) If Democrats consolidate one-party rule, no one who promotes liberty and believes in traditional America will be welcome anywhere.

7) One domino leads to another falling. If the US enters one-party rule, the entire world will enter a dark night.

And here is more reason why the totally corrupt and crooked Judge Merchan should never oversee a court case in the United States ever again. 

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