Nasty Mitt Romney Warns About the Bird Flu and Offers Biden Some Advice – No One Cares | Joe Hoft


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Nasty Mitt Romney Warns About the Bird Flu and Offers Biden Some Advice – No One Cares

Mitt Romney still hates President Trump.  What a surprise.

Mitt Romney, arguably one of the most disgusting GOP politicians in the US Senate, is bashing President Trump again.  He hates the President because he is not part of the Deep State team and supports the criminal actions against President Trump.  Romney is consistently available to the media for a nasty Trump bashing.

This week on far-left legacy media giant NBC Romney says that those who support President Trump in the deranged and totally corrupt case in New York city and the other cases emanating from the totally corrupt Biden/Obama White House were only doing so because they wanted favors from President Trump.

Romney, a vocal critic of Trump, said, “I think it’s a terrible fault for our country to see people attacking our legal system — that’s an enormous mistake. I think it’s also demeaning for people to quite apparently try and run for vice president by donning a red tie and standing outside the courthouse. It’s just — I’d have felt awkward.”

The Utah Republican argued that Biden should have pardoned Trump when the Justice Department announced charges against him and that the president “made an enormous error” by not pressuring New York prosecutors to drop their case against Trump. (Presidents can pardon only in federal cases.)

“He should have fought like crazy to keep this prosecution from going forward,” Romney said, referring to Biden. “It was a win-win for Donald Trump.”

Romney now says that ending the cases by pardoning President Trump would have been a good move for Biden. However Romney doesn’t let out that the Biden/Obama regime no longer support the rule of law in their communist takeover and tactics used against good Americans like President Trump.

He’s also only saying this because the cases are all falling apart and the American people see through the corruption, lies and crimes of the Deep State commies.

Romney earlier in the week warned against the bird flu.

This is not the first time and probably not the last time Romney will show his true colors.  Romney went after Tulsi Gabbard when she brought up the DOD funded biolabs in Ukraine with Tucker Carlson.

Romney is not a good person – he’s not on our side.

2 thoughts on “Nasty Mitt Romney Warns About the Bird Flu and Offers Biden Some Advice – No One Cares”

  1. Romninny is a lying sack of weasel dung. I know that, that says it all, but, here are some other FACTS about this traitor:
    Pierre Beto Mitt Delecto o’ Romney
    A lying, carpet-bagging, scum sucking, backstabbing, LURKING, two-faced disappointment to his mom
    Romninny Is LGBTQ
    He says he is conservative, but his DNA shows he is a Leftist Democrat.

    Follow the money.
    Romninny was at Bain Capital then he was the GOV of Mass.
    Next GOV of Mass? Why it’s Omama’s buddy Deval Patrick!
    And After being GOV? Why it’s off to BAIN CAPITAL! of course!
    Deval Patrick was barry Omama’s pick to run for Pres.
    Way late in the game he fizzled out.
    Mitt Romney was at Bain Capital then Governor of Massachusetts.
    Deval Patrick was the very next Governor of Massachusetts then at Bain Capital.
    MITT LOSING to Omama was intentional
    Bain Capital Funded the Voting Machine and Software Companies.

    LOTSA Romney money (comes out of) came from Ukraine.
    Romney’s top advisor Joseph Cofer Black was on the the board of Burisma Holdings while Hunter Biden was also sitting on the board.
    Dominion’s corporate origins trace back to Smartmatic, a voting technology company established in 2000 that had ties to Chavez.
    Smartmatic was founded by three Venezuelan engineers and incorporated in Delaware with headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. By 2004, the company had vastly expanded and bought Bizta, an electronic voting company in which
    Smartmatic and the Venezuelan government both owned large stakes.
    In 2005, Smartmatic bought Sequoia, one of the top U.S. companies producing automated voting systems. U.S. officials began to take notice.
    Rep. Carolyn Maloney, New York Democrat, wrote in May 2006 to Treasury Secretary John W. Snow demanding an investigation of Venezuelan government influence in U.S. voting systems.
    “As you can imagine, having a foreign government invest in or buy a company that services U.S. elections could raise concerns about the integrity of the elections conducted by these machines,” she wrote.

    Subsequent scrutiny of Sequoia voting and optical scan machines, which basically were rebranded Smartmatic systems, found tabulation errors similar to those of disputed elections under Chavez in Venezuela.
    While under review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S., Smartmatic in 2006 sold Sequoia TO BAIN CAPITAL, the corporate raider firm with ties to Sen. Mitt Romney, Utah Republican.
    In 2010, Sequoia was purchased by Dominion, at the time a little-known Canadian company that manufactured voting machines.
    Mitt’s ‘conscience’ tells him lies (fake pee dossier) are ‘true’.
    He gets his ‘feelings’ from satan perhaps.

  2. Seems everybody gets mad at the politicians…WHY?…Romney is but a symptom of the much larger disease and that is the excrement that voted for him. These are the people you should be taking your fury out on.


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