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NAACP Goes Nuts – Urges Black Athletes to Not Accept Florida Scholarships


When those leading you send you walking off a cliff, it’s best not to follow. 

ESPN reported on Monday that the NAACP is urging university athletes to not accept scholarships in athletics in Florida because the state is not allowing a racist program to continue in the state.

The NAACP asked Black student-athletes to reconsider their decisions to attend public colleges and universities in the state of Florida, in response to the University of Florida and other state schools recently eliminating their diversity, equity and inclusion programs.

In a letter sent to NCAA president Charlie Baker and addressed to current and prospective student-athletes Monday, NAACP president and CEO Derrick Johnson wrote, “This is not about politics. It’s about the protection of our community, the progression of our culture, and most of all, it’s about your education, and your future.”

Last year, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill that prohibits the use of state funds for any DEI programs. As a result, the University of Florida announced on March 1 it had closed the Office of the Chief Diversity Officer, eliminated 13 full-time DEI positions and 15 administrative appointments and halted DEI-focused contracts with outside vendors.

Other in-state schools, such as North Florida and Florida International, have also recently shuttered DEI programs.

What this article does not address is the racism inherent in the DEI programs themselves. You don’t overcome racism by causing more racism.  This is insane.

This push for DEI segregates students rather than bringing them together.  What the NAACP should say is go to the school of your choice and do your best to be a good student, athlete and person, regardless of your race.

Hopefully, our young students understand this truth. 

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