MUST SEE: Amazing Jan 6 Coverage Shows Truth Behind Violence and Lies from that Day (VIDEOS) | Joe Hoft


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MUST SEE: Amazing Jan 6 Coverage Shows Truth Behind Violence and Lies from that Day (VIDEOS)

Jan 6 croud

Four Americans died on Jan 6 and none of them were Capitol policemen.  All were killed by Capitol Police. 

The media so warped the truth on Jan 6.  They claimed that five Capitol police officers died that day.  This was a total lie.  No Capitol Police officers died on or because of Jan 6.

But this cannot be said for innocent Americans.  Four Americans died that day at the hands of Capitol Police or men dressed like Capitol police.

I shared the Jan 6 story in my latest book “The Steal – Volume III: The Cover-Up“:

On January 6, 2021, an estimated million people arrived in Washington DC to see what they hoped was the Constitution working as the founders had intended. These Americans knew that the 2020 Election never should have been certified for Joe Biden and they hoped to see the certified results for Biden overturned. America had just suffered through a COVID-19 nightmare and an Election nightmare, and the majority of Americans were ready for a win.

The President spoke, and during his speech, as noted above, the Vice President announced that he was going to certify Joe Biden for President. This was a tremendous slap in the face to Americans and the US Constitution.

Many Trump supporters walked down to the Capitol, and a huge crowd was on hand outside the building. It was very cold so many individuals returned to their hotel rooms, cars, and homes, but thousands stayed and walked down to the Capitol.

Suddenly, without warning, the Capitol Police—or individuals dressed up like Capitol Police—began firing rubber bullets, flash grenades, and smoke bombs on the crowd. Women, the elderly, and children were in the crowd. Two older Trump supporters were in the crowd as well. Both middle-aged men were peacefully standing in the crowd when suddenly with no warning grenades, bombs, and bullets began flying.

Kevin Greeson and Benjamin Phillips died that day. They were killed without warning. It’s believed they had heart attacks when flash grenades suddenly blew up in their faces. These men had arrived in DC to meet with other Trump supporters and support their President. They never made it home.

A couple of videos were released that show grenades being chucked on the Jan 6 crowd outside the Capitol.  Then at the end one man is carried away.  He looks dead.  Was this Greeson or Phillips?


Here is the video of one man who was shot in the face with a rubber bullet that went right through his cheek.

This thread is amazing.

Amunitions arrive at 1:25pm.

Police broke the law that day.

Capitol Police admit their wrongdoing.

The actions of police that day should be investigated.

Here are police overseeing the events.

Lindsey Graham was quick to call Trump supporters terrorists.

The Capitol police brought into the Jan 6 committee lied about being called names. There is no evidence of that at all.

Americans were never told that they were on restricted ground.

This was a sad day for America – the actions and lies since then have been worse.

3 thoughts on “MUST SEE: Amazing Jan 6 Coverage Shows Truth Behind Violence and Lies from that Day (VIDEOS)”

  1. Notice that in no report anywhere does the media publish how many people were there. I would like to know how many people were in DC for this rally and protest.

    If 100,000 people went to a basket weaving festival, there would be some trouble.
    In this case, they look like they were incessantly provoked by the police.

  2. Let it be a lesson. The government will kill you for exercising your rights.
    If you show up in severe protest, be armed the same as they are. You have a right to be there according to the constitution which states governments must be refreshed from time to time by force if need be!

  3. This was an inside job. Corksuckers like Pence, McConnell, Graham and many others were in on it with the Democrats and the intel agencies. Trump, for all his faults, is a loose cannon which means risk for the owners. The owners don’t like risk


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