Muslim Father Whose Son was Murdered by Radical Muslims in War Hillary Voted for – Bashes Trump for Wanting to Protect Americans from Radical Muslims

Khizr Khan, The Muslim father of a US soldier killed in Iraq spoke at the Democratic National Convention this past week.  His son was killed by a car bomb in Iraq.  Donald Trump holds the position that the US should never have gone into Iraq but Democrat Candidate Hillary Clinton voted for the war in Iraq.  Nevertheless, with typical convoluted liberal logic, the Muslim man whose son was killed by radical Muslims in a war Trump opposed and Hillary voted for, bashed Trump for wanting to protect America from radical Muslims.

And, although Trump has spent $50 million of his own money in his campaign this year, while Hillary has spent more than $220 million of donor money to date in her campaign, Khan, has the audacity to angrily state that Trump has sacrificed ‘nothing and no one’.

Trump stepped away from his billion dollar business and is spending millions on his own campaign. Also, Trump is bashed continually every day in the media, by the press, by liberal politicians, by some members of his own party, nearly every possible political group criticizes Trump on a daily basis and yet the Muslim Khan believes Trump has sacrificed nothing.

Trump has held the position for some time that radical Muslim extremists are dangerous and should not be let into the US. Liberal Muslim Khan used his son’s death to lie about Trump’s sacrifices and never acknowledges his son was murdered by the radical Muslims Trump is trying to protect all Americans from.

Khan somehow was able to come to the US and study law at Harvard University. Gaining admittance to Harvard is almost an impossibility for most Americans but Muslim Khan somehow managed to do this.  It is unknown how he was admitted or who paid for his schooling.  He now works as a legal consultant but it is unknown for whom and who his clients are.  Khan’s wife sat submissively behind Khan during his speech wearing a light blue hijab.

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