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Mueller Swiped Content from Podesta Court Case in Latest Junk Russian Indictment

The corrupt Mueller team and their ‘fake indictments’ are falling apart. Their efforts to generate bogus crimes against President Trump and his team and the American people were too outlandish and too dishonest and were bound to fail. They ain’t as smart as their chief investigator Peter Strzok and all the rest of the corrupt cabal thought they were. The latest indictment which appears hurriedly put together is another example of the Mueller investigation showing it is more of a circus than a legitimate legal initiate.

On Friday, dirty cop Mueller announced through their creator, the corrupt and now disgraced and dishonest Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Rod Rosenstein, that they were indicting another group of Russians related to the phony scandal. The last group of indictments against Russians have turned into a courtroom fiasco as the Mueller team made the mistake to include three Russian companies in that indictment. When one of the Russian companies indicted, Concord Management, showed up to court the Mueller team was totally caught of guard. Mueller’s corrupt legal team led by a former Clinton Foundation attorney, asked for more time to put together their case in order to come up with support for their outlandish indictments.

During the course of the first Russian case, it’s been uncovered that Mueller indicted a company for crimes, Concord Catering, that was not even in existence when the crimes were supposedly committed. Mueller’s team associated the list of Russians who they also indicted with one of the companies which that company had never heard of. Mueller’s team also claimed that the Facebook posts supposedly created by these Russians had somehow impacted the 2016 election but it was uncovered that the posts were in Russian and that Mueller’s team never had them translated. The lawyers in that case representing Concord Management eventually noted that ‘fake law’ is worse than fake news.

Then again on Friday, the Mueller misfits decided that the first Russian case wasn’t bad enough and they were coming back for more. They clearly feel the need to connect their criminal investigation that has led to indictments which nearly all are suspect, to Russia. Friday’s indictments may be worse than the first batch of Russian indictments.

Already there are many observations that have destroyed Friday’s indictments. The information released was nearly all released in an April House report. The case mostly was an indictment of the Mueller team’s party, the DNC, which reportedly allowed Russian hackers to steal data from the DNC before the 2016 election with no counter measures from the DNC. The entire case is another sham with Mueller’s gang apparently relying on an external party (Crowdstrike) to provide evidence that the DNC was hacked by Russians –

John Cardillo on Twitter also pointed out the lunacy in the report –

Now today more information on the phony scandal is being uncovered. One Internet sleuth noted that one of the points in Friday’s indictment related to the Mueller team reporting that it had uncovered a scheme where the Russians apparently had set up fake accounts and redirected donations to the DNC to one of their accounts presumably to receive these donations –

What’s even more shocking is that this paragraph in Mueller’s indictment mirrors wording from a case against Clinton’s former Campaign Manager creepy John Podesta.

In a case in Washington DC (SWEIGERT et al v. PODESTA et al) which shows a number of defendants represented by the Democrats favorite law firm, Perkins Coie LLP, there was wording very similar to the wording in Friday’s Mueller indictment. In paragraph 44 of the Complaint, Sweigert notes that the DNC had created a phishing scheme to divert donations away from the Bernie Sanders Campaign to a different account controlled by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and/or Imran Awan. The account was labeled which was changed to

In Friday’s indictment against the Russians, the Mueller team states basically the same thing, so much so that Friday’s indictment looks plagiarized. Mueller’s gang states that the Russians did the same thing in changing the account to

It makes no sense that the Russians would have allegedly stolen funds from the DNC. It’s more likely that Mueller’s goons copied information from the Podesta case to bolster their indictment, not knowing how silly their allegation is.

By the way, the judge presiding over the Podesta lawsuit was FISA Court Judge Rudolph Contreras who also is a friend of corrupt Mueller investigator Peter Strzok. You can’t make this stuff up.

So we are supposed to believe that the Russians, lacking money, were trying to steal from the DNC to fund one of their many national initiatives? This doesn’t make any sense. It’s as if the Mueller team copied an paragraph from another case and inserted it into Friday’s fake indictment – and that’s exactly what it appears!

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