Mueller Gang and Deep State Suspected of Covering Up an FBI Flynn Related 302 – Pertinent to the General’s Case! | Joe Hoft


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Mueller Gang and Deep State Suspected of Covering Up an FBI Flynn Related 302 – Pertinent to the General’s Case!

General Michael Flynn was an American hero who was set up by Obama’s Deep State before he even joined forces with the Trump campaign. It now looks like the Mueller gang is holding back providing a Form 302 dated the day before the 2017 Trump Inauguration that took place under former President Obama’s watch.

The judge overseeing the General Flynn case, Judge Emmet Sullivan, requested that the Mueller team provide all information related to the General Flynn case that the defendant is legally required to be provided. The first line of the Judge’s order stated –

The Pursuant to Brady v. Maryland , 373 U.S. 83 (1963), and its progeny, the government has a continuing obligation to produce all evidence required by the law and the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.

Mueller’s team was required to provide all this information to General Flynn in a timely manner but it now appears they didn’t provide it.

For example, Mueller ignored the court order by not providing the transcript of General Flynn’s call with the Russian Ambassador Kislyak, which was the reason Flynn was questioned in the White House within a week of the inauguration.

This questioning by corrupt FBI Agent Peter Strzok led to Flynn’s firing from the incoming Trump administration and to his indictment by the Mueller gang.

Mueller and his ‘pitbull’ Andrew Weissmann have a history of withholding Brady material in their court cases.
Former US Attorney Sidney Powell was on with Mark Levin and she discussed the criminal actions these two took in their actions with Enron, Arthur Andersen and Merrill Lynch in the 2000’s.

Mueller has also edited the information in its bogus 400+ page report recently released. This was addressed late in the week when President Trump’s attorney’s call to Flynn was released. This report showed that Mueller edited out key parts in their report that were beneficial to the President and General Flynn.

Now there are more suspicions of dirty deeds by the Mueller gang and the Deep State.

(Note this information was provided to me months ago by some Internet sleuths but I did not see the connection until Techno Fog released the tweets below.)

Techno Fog notes that there is an FBI 302 that predates the 302 related to the January 24, 2017 interview in the White House between incoming Trump NSD General Flynn and the FBI.

This unearthed 302 is dated January 19, 2017, just before the Trump Inauguration and it is unknown who did the interview related to this 302.

The timing for this 302 is very suspect as it lands on the last days of the Obama administration.

Techno Fog addresses suspicions that the date is in error but this really doesn’t make sense either.

Back in December I was sent emails regarding this same matter from and Internet sleuth summarized as follows –

EVERY investigation in the FBI MUST begin with a “Paragraph 1,”. You have to have an originating complaint (302) for every action, so if there was a resolution of a complaint, then there was an originating complaint.

Mueller is refusing to supply the earlier 302 [now assumed to be the one dated January 17, 2017] by claiming that 302 had nothing to do with the Flynn lying matter, that the lies centered around the January 24th lying event only in the White House which the interviewing agents apparently said he did not lie.

What the hell is going on? Americans demand to see all the information related to General Flynn and how he was set up by the Obama Administration, including the Mueller gang, Weissmann and Peter Strzok.

Mueller and Weissmann should be interrogated, indicted, sentenced and thrown in jail for multiple crimes. We demand the truth. It’s long over due!

Hat tip D. Manny

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