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MORE PROJECTION: Jaw-dropping Message from Kamala Harris (VIDEO)

If it weren’t for projection, these communist Democrats would have nothing to say. 

We see it all the time.  Using the tactics of their communist and fascist forefathers in Europe, the Democrats push lies and projection on the American people.

A group of Secretaries of State, many Soros-backed, recently claimed that conservatives were colluding to steal the upcoming election.  This is exactly what the Democrats, the government, and their NGOs did in 2020 to steal the massive election win away from President Trump.

PROJECTION: Corrupt Soros-Backed Secretaries of State Claim Conservatives Colluding to Steal Election

In 2017 it was clear that the Democrats had relationships with Russia and were projecting those onto President Trump.  This was before the information was found on Hunter’s laptop.

The Great Projectionists – The Democrats Ties to Russia are Criminal

Kamala Harris did it again this week in a speech in Denver.  Harris neglects the abuse from Obama/Biden’s DOJ against President Trump.  Russia collusion, Ukrainian phone call, classified documents, a stolen election and killing four Trump supporters on Jan 6 and imprisoning more than a thousand others after setting them up are ignored.

These people are sick and evil.


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