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Obama Chef’s Drowning – The More We Learn, the More Questions We Have

Obama’s chef was found drowned in shallow waters near Obama’s home in Martha Vineyard in late July.  Many questions remain unanswered. 

Initial reports on the death of Obama’s chef reminded us of Hillary’s chef being found dead as well. In late July it was reported that Obama’s chef was found dead in a pond near the Obama home.

Both deaths are very suspect.  The missing paddle boarder was reported missing near the Obama estate.

According to reports, another paddleboarder saw the unidentified 45-year-old struggle to stay afloat on the surface before he drowned.  We still don’t know who that was.

On July 25th information was shared on the Internet showing that Obama’s chef was a good swimmer.  The video is embedded in the Truth below.

Individuals on social media shared observations on the death.  One is that the average depth of the water where Campbell was found was only 3-4 feet.

One Truth shared is that the water level in the pond where Obama’s chef was found averages 4 feet.

The Obama Chef Drowning situation gets stranger…

According to the MV Commission website, the Edgartown Great Pond where the Tafari drowned has an average depth of 3.0 – 4.3 ft and a tidal range of 0.6ft

But they say Tafari was found in 8ft of water


This led to many questions.

Then Obama was seen golfing with bandaged fingers only a few days after Campbell’s death.

Obama Spotted at Golf Course with Bandaged Fingers, Days After Mysterious Paddle Boarding Accident Claims the Life of His Personal Chef and Friend

Judicial Watch requested copies of relevant documents after they were hidden from the American people after Campbell’s death.  An incident report provided in the government’s response shows that the police received a call on the evening of July 23.  That night police found a paddle board and clothing but the authorities didn’t locate Campbell’s body until the next morning.

The records included a a July 23 CAD (computer aided dispatch) Incident Report that states, “Secret Service Agent [redacted] adv swimmers unable to locate the party at this time. Party last scene [sic] wearing all black, on a paddle board, African American male.”

“Rev’vd a 911 call from the above noted RP [reporting person] who identified as a Secret Service member. RP is req [requesting] at least an ambulance response, unsure of the exact services needed,” the report continued. “RP advd best access is from the residence, they are deploying a rescue swimmer and a zodiac boat right now.”

The report added, “RP adv no lifevest was worn, they have recovered the paddle board and clothing. Still no contact with missing party. They still have a boat and rescue swimmers in the area.”

Judicial Watch reports that at 8:25 p.m., the report notes that the Oak Bluffs Fire Department was sending a dive team. At 8:36 p.m., a Coast guard helicopter was deployed, as was a state police helicopter.

Sgt. William Bishop wrote in his report on the incident, “The next morning the dive team search continued, and a deceased Mr. Campbell was located using sonar. The investigation will now be handled by Massachusetts State Police and The Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office. No further action.”

Who was with Campbell before his death?  How did he drown in such shallow water when he was a decent swimmer with a paddle board?  What took so long to find the body?  Why were his clothes found before he was?  Why did he take off his clothes?  How did Obama get injured only a few days after Campbell’s death?

What is really going on?

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