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More Evidence of Election Fraud in Detroit from the 2020 Election

Michigan Election Fraud

More evidence of election fraud from Detroit in the 2020 Election. 

Yehuda Miller released a series of documents from Wayne County (Detroit), Michigan’s 2020 Election results.

I am now releasing to the public the poll books from the 2020 General Election from the Wayne County Clerk – Elections Division, Michigan!!!!

Nothing says transparency like releasing records to the public 3 years after an election!!!

Every election office should be making every single record public immediately following an election, with the exception of personal identifying information, and information that can compromise protected individuals.

Now you can see for yourself how “safe and secure” the election was, and make up your own mind!!!

Calling all researchers, investigators, journalists, and sleuths, check out these documents and share your findings with the public.

Here are a few things that caught my eye, and I am seeking explanations for??

1. Discrepancy of 47,395 voted ballots
2. Totals going up and down
3. Mismatch in totals
4. Unexplained differences in reporting time of absentee ballot returns
5. Date and time anomalies

What can you find???

Here is the dropbox link!!


In addition Miller provides evidence with multiple dates –

Detroit Michigan!! Where we have no clue what day and year it is, yet we know how to count votes!!! Why do I see printouts from the November 3, 2020 general Election with dates in 2019, 2021 and Nov 28, 2020??

Here is his post:

In addition to these good questions, Miller shares: 

Detroit Poll Books

Infamous 2020 Election!!

Can someone please explain this to me??

I have included 3 sheets from the same pollbook in Detroit.

Why do some ballots have an EXACT time stamp of when they were returned, while others just have the date??

What is the point of the document that does not have date or time the absentee ballots were returned?

Please also notice the time stamp when these reports were allegedly generated, I find it odd that the some timestamps include just the date, while others include date and time.

I am also enclosing a link where you can download the entire file and analyze it yourself.

Here are these two tweets:


What a mess.  

The 2020 Election never should have been certified and because of this it was stolen. 




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