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More Colleagues of NYC Mayor Adams Investigated for Crimes

NYC Mayor Eric Adams

More colleagues of corrupt Mayor Eric Adams in New York have been caught up in crimes. 

Sal Greco was fired from the NYPD because he was a friend of Roger Stone.  The NYPD hearing determined that because Roger Stone was once a felon based on the made-up BS charges he was indicted on in a DC court, and that Greco befriended Stone who was pardoned of any crimes, that Greco should lose his job.

Greco is suing the city of NY saying that the current mayor hangs out with felons all the time but he is not removed from office, why is Greco being unfairly targeted?

Mayor Adams has numerous corrupt actors who he hangs out with as was noted in a previous report.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: MASSIVE CORRUPTION IN THE NYPD – Incoming Police Commissioner Reportedly So Corrupt that He Reportedly Will Not Take the Job

The NYPD has massive corruption but now we know that there is much more.

The FBI raided the home of Adams’ fundraising chief today:

FBI agents today raided the home of NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ fundraising chief Brianna Suggs while he was on his way to meetings in Washington DC, forcing him to abruptly cancel and return ‘deal with a matter’.

The New York Times reports that some of the agents present belong to the public corruption unit though it remains unclear what prompted the investigation or what agents were searching for.

Adams was on his way to DC for meetings to discuss the city’s migrant crisis when he learned of the raid.

New York is so corrupt even the FBI investigates crimes there. 

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