GOP Coffers Shrink As Ronna Romney McDaniel’s Lips Increase at Same Time | Joe Hoft


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GOP Coffers Shrink As Ronna Romney McDaniel’s Lips Increase at Same Time

Ronna Romney McDaniel

The GOP has a problem raising money since stabbing President Trump in the back. 

The far-left fascits are noticing.  Newsweek reports:

Despite dwindling funds, the Republican National Committee (RNC) spent some $250,000 on limos over 12 months.

At the end of November, the GOP governing body reported its lowest bank balance at that point in any year since 2016, disclosures to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) revealed Wednesday.

With $9.96 million in spending money, the RNC had less than half the $21.35 million it reported in 2016, after Donald Trump won the presidential election.

The GOP has the most popular Presidential candidate and President since Abraham Lincoln and yet they backstab him and work with the fascist left to get rid of him at all costs.  And they wonder why donations have dropped.

This shows what these people really care about and it’s not the American people.

Ronna McDaniel is hated by the GOP base as well as party elites.  One recent tweet shares that after receiving millions to combat election interference, the GOP only has a few million left.

Only Ronna’s lips have gotten bigger during this timeframe.

If you spend our money on destroying the best candidate and President in a century you had better expect to receive no love from the American people. 

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