Minority of Michigan GOP Continue to Try to Replace Kristina Karamo – This Time with John Kasich Supporter | Joe Hoft


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Minority of Michigan GOP Continue to Try to Replace Kristina Karamo – This Time with John Kasich Supporter

Kristin Karamo

A minority of Michigan GOP is trying to replace Kristina Karamo with a John Kasich Supporter.

A minority of GOP in Michigan is after Kristina Karamo.  These people feel they are right in replacing the duly elected GOP Head in the state.  They tried a coup of sorts when a minority met on Jan 6 to vote Karamo out.

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However this didn’t work because a legitimate vote on Jan 13 supported Karamo on a near unanimous vote.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Kristina Karamo Wins Valid Vote – Michigan GOP Votes to Keep Karamo

But the minority will not take no for an answer.  They want to remove Karamo at all costs.  Karamo is for election integrity so she must be a real threat to some in the state.

The replacement being pushed to takeover after Karamo is ousted is former US Rep. Pete Hoekstra.

Hoekstra is a huge supporter of the Patriot Act as noted below in a speech in 2005.

He also was behind the storyline that there were weapons of mass destruction that were found in Iraq.

Hoekstra then became a huge supporter of the surveillance program even after Obama took it over to use against Americans.

Then Hoekstra was a big fan of John Kasich for President in 2016.  Kasich is famous for devouring food in front of the press and hanging on till the bitter end in his 2016 race, long after it was over.

Lara Logan points out the obvious:

This one is easy – I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that Kristina Karamo is NOT NOT NOT a Rino. That is a lie.

Kristina Karamo is one of the greatest threats to the elite establishment and the global cult. She is a woman of God and principle. She cannot be bought or intimidated or stopped.

I am rarely able to speak in such strong terms but I know Kristina.

Anyone telling you otherwise about her is either lying, deceived or part of the problem.

The efforts in Michigan to remove the duly election Head of the GOP are not coming from the majority who voter for her.  So what really is going on?  Is Pete Hoekstra really the coup’s choice for her replacement?


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