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“Pence Is Like a Robot Made Out of AI without Intelligence” – General Flynn

General Flynn crushed Mike Pence after his career ending performance with Tucker Carlson.

Mike Pence ignored mountains of evidence indicating that the 2020 Election was stolen and went ahead and backed the results on Jan 6.  This placed Pence in the history books as a weak coward who aligned with the enemy like Brutus in the Julius Ceasar tragedy.

EXCLUSIVE: Turncoat VP Mike Pence Ignored a Letter from Republicans In Wisconsin Legislature In December Contesting the Results

Mike Pence laid an egg last week in his appearance with Tucker Carlson at Blaze Media. It was a career ending moment.

Mike Pence Is Done – His Race Never Really Started But Now He Is Done

General Flynn was on with Clay Clark and he totally destroyed Pence some more.  General Flynn shared:

Pence is like a robot made out of artificial intelligence without intelligence.

Flynn also notes that this is not the last we heard of Mike Pence, the man who was intimately involved in having General Flynn removed from President Trump’s administration.

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