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Mike Benz on the Real Reason the Deep State Wants Ukraine…

Mike Benz

Mike Benz explains why Ukraine has been such a huge target for the Deep State for years – to destroy Russia.

Benz shares that Russia is basically built around its oil money. If the US were to take over Ukraine, they could end Russia’s oil business which would be the end of Putin.

So the US took over the country using billions and the CIA and others. One Ukrainian President was replaced with a puppet. No elections took place. This puppet was picked by Victoria Nuland on behalf of the Deep State and Barack Obama. Big money is involved in Ukraine which is why Soros and others were involved too.

No one cares about the people of Ukraine, they only care about the oil and destroying Russia. This is why Russia invaded, in part. Russia also was the only reason Obama didn’t overtake Syria according to Benz.

The Deep State hates Russia and Putin.

I need 6 hours, but here I explained to @BlazeTV in 6 minutes the 2 main drivers, from the Blob’s perspective, of the question that hangs over all of modern politics: “Why Ukraine?”

And here’s what the leaders of Ukraine do with the money we send to Ukraine along with US politicians – take their cut.

Ukraine is about money – lots of money – oil and gas money.  That’s why people and nations want to take it over. 

2 thoughts on “Mike Benz on the Real Reason the Deep State Wants Ukraine…”

  1. And yet the EUNUCHs in the GOP allowed even more cash to be sent. Sssoooooo has anyone who supports the EUNUCH GOP have anything to say??? Anything at all??? (cue the crickets). Have you realized yet that the EUNUCH GOP hates its base? (crickets). So lets make sure we dont try anything different and keep expecting the same result. As crazy as the Dems are at least they know how to play offense. The EUNUCH GOP are just snakes in the grass.

  2. We need what I call “fast outs”. If like #MikeJohnson, you are put into a position and prove to be a traitor, actually a democrat running as republican for nefarious reasons, we need to be able to boot them fast. Like Eric Greitens in Missouri, at least he found enough moral fortitude to step down or we would have had a chaotic 2+ yrs. of court battles. And remember folks, wherever Victoria Nuland goes, countries collapse.


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