Mike Benz on the Enemy of Populism and Freedom and the Truth (VIDEO) | Joe Hoft


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Mike Benz on the Enemy of Populism and Freedom and the Truth (VIDEO)

Mike Benz

Mike Benz on the enemy of populism and the truth. 

Steve Bannon shared that he believes the interview that Mike Benz had with Tucker was one of Tucker’s best interviews since leaving FOX News.

Bannon had Benz on the War Room to lay out who the terrorists running the US government are.   Benz explains that those running the government are:

There is basically an immune system of permanent Washington which is comprised of at the top you have the foreign policy establishment, the national security state, the corporate and financial drafters off of it and the political opportunists on both sides of the political isle…The managers of the American empire versus the citizens of the American homeland…

…What we have now if a foreign policy establishment which is imbued with a department of dirty tricks which thinks that what we allowed them to do for centuries… to foreign countries… and foreign institutions turning that inward and so you have the foreign policy institute against populism both here and all across NATO.

Benz shares that we can beat this omnipotent force with the truth.

Watch this 20 minute interview below.

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