Michelle Malkin on Alabama Senate Election – WaPo and Gloria Allred Impact “Credibility of These Stories” (Video) | Joe Hoft


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Michelle Malkin on Alabama Senate Election – WaPo and Gloria Allred Impact “Credibility of These Stories” (Video)

Michelle Malkin was on Fox and Friends yesterday and provided excellent commentary on a number of topics. After discussing the recent gruesome deaths of border patrol agents she then discussed her time on Capital Hill as an intern. Based on her experience she was not surprised by the recent reports of corruption coming from the D.C. swamp and the sex scandals unearthed and reported of Congressmen in Washington. The subject then changed to the Alabama Senate race.

When asked whether Malkin thought whether Roy Moore (the Republican Senate hopeful in Alabama) should get a pass on recent accusations of sex abuse from 40 years ago because Democrat Senator Al Frankin and Democrat Congressman John Conyers are getting passes from the media, Malkin responded as follows –

…each and every one of these allegations needs to be vetted. I will say it until I am blue in the face, that assertions are not truth until there is corroboration, corroboration of evidence, and that these assertions have to be established as facts. And my concern is that so many of these allegations are being litigated in the court of public opinion rather than having any kind of empirical evidence and any kind of vetting. Instead you’ve got these activists in the liberal media that are going out and procuring victims, so called victims and accusers to voice their own political narratives and intervene in these campaigns.

I’m very troubled whether we’re talking about a Republican or a Democrat, whether talking about a liberal actor or a conservative public figure. When you’ve got these investigations which can turn into witch hunts and band wagons of women who for whatever reason only come out 15, 20, 30 years later. Here’s my advice to young women and girls, and I have been saying this for the 25 years that I have worked in public life. If somebody does something wrong to you, if you are uncomfortable, don’t wait to tell. There is nothing worth it for you to be quiet. There is no job that is worth risking for you not to stand up and defend your own integrity and safety. That is my feminist message.”

When asked her thoughts on the accusers of Judge Roy Moore, Malkin replied –

Unfortunately for the voters of Alabama they’re going to have to make cost – benefit calculations before they’re able to undertake their own independent investigations of what’s happened. But with particular regard to the Roy Moore case, what we have to remember about how these women came forward at the very last minute after he’s been in public life for how many decades? Is that that investigation came from the partisan Washington Post that went out and dug out these victims. And when you’ve got Gloria Allred doing the ‘jump the shark’ press conference you’ve got to take that into consideration when you are evaluating the credibility of these stories.”

Boom and that is that!

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