MICHAEL YON EXCLUSIVE: “China Camp” in Panama for Illegal Chinese Immigrants Destroyed Over Night | Joe Hoft


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MICHAEL YON EXCLUSIVE: “China Camp” in Panama for Illegal Chinese Immigrants Destroyed Over Night

The China Camp in Panama created to house Chinese illegals traveling to the US was set on fire. 

Daily Caller reports on an incident in Panama related to illegal immigrants making their way to the US.

Panamanian authorities arrested 44 migrants after a fight broke out early Saturday at a shelter, leading to the destruction of 10 modular shelter units and vehicles, according to official statements.

An altercation ensued between two female migrants over a tent in the San Vicente temporary immigration reception station, according to a statement by Panama’s Security Ministry…

Almost 250,000 migrants crossed the approximately 60-mile Darién Gap, between Panama and northern Colombia in 2022 in their northward march to the U.S., according to Human Rights Watch. More than 130,000 migrants crossed in 2021, far exceeding the fewer than 11,000 per year on average estimated to have crossed in the prior decade, according to the organization. By July 2023, the number of crossings surpassed 250,000, according to the organization.

More than 520,000 migrants crossed the Gap by the end of 2023, a quarter of them being minors, Reuters reported. Venezuelan economic migrants reportedly contributed to the spike, in addition to migrants from Ecuador, Haiti and China, among others.

How can a fourth of these be children and how many are not with their parents?  Also, why does the media not mention that this is a China camp?

Pictures showed up online of the facility after it was burned.

Here is what is shared below translated to English:

Irregular migrants caused serious damage to the San Vicente shelter, where they destroyed official and civilian vehicles, at least 10 modular units set on fire, as well as the modular unit of MIGRATION and SENAFRONT units in the operations center of said station. 

Michael Yon reports on the village sharing the following:

The fire damage at China Camp — locally called San Vicente.  After the fire two days ago, I asked someone to drone the damage.  I am often at this camp.  I was here when Mayorkas came to expand the camp.  This is exactly where I took Bret Weinstein, Chris Martenson, Epoch, Laura Loomer, congressmen, and others.

Something is very wrong with this fire.  What isn’t being told?

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