MICHAEL YON: “China Camp Is a Terrorist Bus Station to the United States Funded by the United States” (VIDEO) | Joe Hoft


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MICHAEL YON: “China Camp Is a Terrorist Bus Station to the United States Funded by the United States” (VIDEO)

Michael Yon says that China Camp which was set on fire days ago is a terrorist bus station to the United States funded by the United States.

It was reported that a immigration stop off place was on fire in the news.

There is much, much more to this story.  Michael Yon shared more on this story moments ago.

The drone footage below has never been seen and was made yesterday. This is a United Nations Camp in Darien, Panama, after “migrant” attack two days ago.

This is China Camp in Darien, Panama. Locally called San Vicente. Notice this camp is the header on my X page. Same camp. I have been here dozens of times including two weeks ago.

Secretary @SecMayorkas came here on 18 April 2022 to expand the camp. I was there that day.

@ganaha_masako and @rangerholton and I first went together shortly after Biden was installed several years ago. Chuck Holton had been to Darien many times over the years. We watched the United States grow this terrorist camp.

Realizing Darien Gap likely would become a main invasion route to USA, I have spent about six months in and around this area since Biden was installed.

Over the past three years I have taken only a small number of select people to this camp and into Darien. These include
@annvandersteel @EpochTimes @LauraLoomer @Matt_Bracken48 @RepTiffany @BenBergquam @Oscarelblue @realmuckraker @MaraMacie @BretWeinstein @chrismartenson and a few more.

There is no doubt in my mind that people who pass through this camp will become responsible for the deaths of countless Americans. You have never seen a more serious terrorist camp in your life.

This camp is funded by @DHSgov and others through front organizations such as @UNmigration, and @HIASrefugees, @HIASrefugees has an office about 50 yards from this fire damage.

The Government of Panama wants to close this camp but @wef , Chinese Communist Party, and @USEmbPAN and others work to keep this open. This is a war camp. Panama could shut the camp with snap of a finger but do not. This camp and others will be instrumental in the coming revolution in Panama. At this rate, Panama will be taken from Panamanians due to allowing this to grow within their bellies.

Again, @HIASrefugees has an office about 50 yards from the fire damage that destroyed the “migrant” records two days ago.

@SecMayorkas was a board-member at @HIASrefugees before being installed as an operative at @DHSgov

Two days ago, a riot occurred in this camp. Several courageous @senafrontpanama men were seriously hurt trying to save the camp and stop the attack.

Arson was committed including an attack on vital records of invaders who pass through this camp. According to @senafrontpanama , computers and vital records were burned and destroyed.

The attack is said to have started from an internal dispute between “migrants”. The records were attacked during the violence. 44 “migrants” reportedly have been arrested so far. Others vanished into the night. Vanished with what? The records?

Records that include CCP operatives, Hamas, Hezbollah, and others who have passed through were said to have been burned. It is unknown if backups are intact. It is unknown to me if the records were actually burned or maybe just vanished into the night.

Powerful forces are at play. This is a multiplayer game.

This drone footage was made yesterday afternoon on 02 March 2024. On the right side of the camp notice the fire damage to @senafrontpanama offices. This is exactly where @LauraLoomer interviewed the Somali, the Iranian, the the Chinaman about two weeks ago. I was there beside her with @ganaha_masako @annvandersteel @MaraMacie and others. We know this camp.

China Camp is a terrorist bus station to United States funded by United States.

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  1. It’s all part of the zionist coup 85% of the senile kickback artists cabinet are Mossad agents and the rest are white hating Marxist ! They are destroying America in hopes of bring on a mossad frount WEF fascist government !


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