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MGM in Las Vegas Under Cyberattack – Casinos and Hotels Basically Shut Down

Where are the FBI and CISA now?  MGM in Las Vegas is under a horrible cyber attack and no one is there to stop it. 

What the hell.

This is nuts.  A ransomware company is threatening more harm to MGM if they don’t pay them a ransom.

The slots and basically everything else has been hacked at MGM.

Still hacked.  And anyone using a code on their phone is locked out of their room.

MGM has sent out messages that they are working on it but where is the FBI or CISA when they are needed? Truly these government entities are corrupt. They can arrest grandmothers with cancer for walking through the US Capitol but they can’t find the hacker of a huge American casino.

MGM is a mess.

When the FBI can’t figure it out will they blame Russia or Trump?

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