Megyn Kelly Melts Down with the Left – Still Lost on Top Issues for Voters | Joe Hoft


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Megyn Kelly Melts Down with the Left – Still Lost on Top Issues for Voters


Megyn Kelly was upset with the performance of Kaitlin Collins at the CNN “town hall” with President Trump. 

This may be because President Trump destroyed Kelly’s career when she was at FOX News.  Kelly was a huge and nasty Never-Trumper and President Trump blasted her for her nasty comments just like he did with Collins.

Hosts like Collins and Kelly think they are the truth and are shocked when they learn that they are pushing lies.

Kelly still thinks she knows what voters think and shows how far lost she is.

Yes, Americans want to discuss the stolen elections, and yes it was stolen!  Read my books on the Steal and you will know.

Here are some comments from Kelly:

‘It was train wreck TV,’ Kelly said. ‘It was like they forgot everything we know about Donald Trump.

‘Like how hard he is to control, how he likes to filibuster, how difficult it is to fact-check him in real time, and how important time limits on answers are when dealing with him.’

Kelly berated Collins for asking about ‘January 6, election denialism Mar-a-Lago documents and the E. Jean Carroll sexual abuse case’.

She said the host brought up these topics, instead of members of the audience, and then ‘refused to move on’ from them once Trump had answered and, in some cases, repeatedly.’

She asked: ‘Where were the questions about inflation, or the banking crisis and what to do about it?’

Kelly added that she thought the purpose of the town hall was for voters to work out who they wanted to vote for in the primaries, and that this interview did not serve that purpose.

‘One third of the debate was on whether he lost the last time around, the insurrection and pardons for its participants may be catnip for the left but it’s not what’s driving GOP voters,’ she said.

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