Massive Crowd in Arizona to See President Trump – Parking at Capacity Hours Before Event – Line Miles Long!

The lines last night in Arizona to see President Trump were miles long. The crowd was massive in an airport hanger as parking lots filled up hours before the event.

Hours before the event the parking lot was already full. The Mesa Police Department tweeted before 4pm that the parking lots were full with no alternative parking available –

The line waiting to get in hours before the event appeared to be miles long –

More pictures before the event –

One participant took a picture of the President entering the event –

The overflow crowd outside was massive with thousands not able to fit in the airport hanger –

President Trump tweeted pictures of the event –

The Mainstream Media will never report this. President Trump is so smart doing these events and showing all Americans that if they stand for law and order, lower taxes and cleaning up the DC swamp, they are not alone.

Americans who support President Trump and his policies are not the minority. They are Americans who want to keep their country free and prosperous for all!

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