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Mark Steyn Stood Up for Rush Limbaugh and Freedom of Speech in Corrupt DC Court

Three years after Rush Limbaugh’s death, Mark Steyn was in a DC court for reporting something a climate change pusher didn’t like.  Free speech died in DC that day.  

Steyn shared how the opposing attorney for the climate change pusher went after Steyn in the courtroom.  The far-left attorney (apparently being paid by some billionaire or China type to go after Steyn) thought it was a good idea to go after Steyn’s connection to Rush Limbaugh.

Rush is an American icon which is why the left hated him so much.  He knew the truth and could explain it better than anyone.  He was funny and brilliant at the same time.  Attributes that this left is totally missing.

Mark Steyn shared the following on his web-site yesterday.

One year ago, the anniversary of Rush’s death fell on the day of our weekly Clubland Q&A. It wasn’t intended to be a one-hour remembrance of America’s anchorman, but, because listeners had so many questions about him and his show, it somehow turned into one. Listening to it twelve months later, I thought it was worth a re-broadcast – not just for the questions and answers, but for other aspects, too: a musical selection courtesy of his beloved Kathryn, a brief evocation of my guest-hosting days, and the last words Rush ever spoke on air.

As you can hear toward the end, I was still recuperating from my (first two) heart attacks. Nothing like a spot of ill health to prompt intimations of mortality. We all deal with it in our own way, as I reflect re Rush in the course of the show. A couple of weeks back, in the witness box of the DC Superior Court, I was asked by Michael E Mann’s lead counsel John Williams whether it was not the case that I was a guest-host of The Rush Limbaugh Show. I said I was.

A lot of trial observers seem to think that was the moment when the DC lefties on the jury determined to convict me, of whatever they could. Some of those close to hand suggested that I should have finessed the question: “Oh, I may have guest-hosted that show a couple of times over the years …long time ago …can’t really recall all the shows I’ve guest-hosted …Anne Robinson on the Beeb, all kinds of things…”

But, as I say, intimations of mortality: If I’m going down, I’d rather go down as who I am than try to thread a needle of lies. Rush was profoundly decent to me – especially when it mattered. He was very decent to untold legions of people, and certainly a much better man than the revenge-obsessed misogynist psycho sitting across the courtroom from me. So please click away and enjoy the show.

UPDATE! Steve from Manhattan, who was present in the courtroom:

Mark, I remember that, when John Williams asked you if you had guest-hosted for Rush, your response was: ‘Till his dying day.’ As with all of your testimony: well said.

Be strong Mr. Steyn – You too are a free speech icon. 

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