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Many Unanswered Questions in the Maine Mass Murder Case Remain

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The Maine mass murder case leaves many questions unanswered.

Here’s a summary of the key points from the provided information to date on the mass murder in Maine from

1. The Brandon Act was signed into law by President Biden on December 27, 2021, as part of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022. The former Under Secetary of the Defense for Personnel and Readiness, Gilbert R. Cisneros Jr., signed a policy on May 5, 2023, to initiate the act within the Department of Defense.

2. The DOD Policy required the secretaries of the military departments to establish policy, assign responsibilities and provide procedures for service members wanting to self-initiate a referral for a mental health treatment.

3. TRICARE IS THE SYSTEM that was initiated.

4. TriCare is the worldwide uniform services healthcare program.

5. Robert Card’s Documents:

– Documents related to Robert Card are within the TriCare system due to his military service. Tricare Leadership are missing in action (AWOL) to explain to the public the policy and procedures of the Brandon Act referral system documents.

6. Calls for Transparency:

– There is a call for President Biden and the Governor to release several basic documents related to The Brandon Act and behavioral health, including referral from Keller Hospital to Four Winds psychiatric hospital, the protocols, intake forms, insurance paperwork, and potential DD-214 requirements.

7. Issues with the Maine Medical Examiner: (sent you link) Dr. Mark Flomenbaum

– The Maine Medical Examiner has faced complaints, including flawed autopsy reports and inaccurate timelines in prior cases. Toxicology reports have contradicted the Medical Examiner’s findings, in the past, accused of being unreliable.

8. Selected Release of his findings of Robert Cards autopsy showed a blood condition yet no medical records have been attached to or released on what that condition is, in fact Dr. Flomenbaum doesn’t mention what surrounds that condition. It is very bizzare!

9. Basically, as it stands, the selected released of the Autopsy can’t verify the State of Maine’s timeline that was released late yesterday or the morning due to the blood condition.

10. Reference to

– An article on this subject can be found on the website. Sent the link to Dr. Mark Flomenbaum complaints. Read the article and click on the links of the complaints against him.

11. Request for Tricare Information:

– AbleChild believes that the leadership officers shown below on the TRICARE website (Tricare website photo of officers below) should be explaining to the public how TRICARE works and how it worked in CARD’S referral from hospital to Four Winds Psychiatric Hospital in Katonah, NY.  It would be very easy to show the American people a blank form so that we can all see the processing document.

12. The public should be asking for the ballistics report. The autopsy report should have included the removal of the bullet. There is no mention of that in the article.  The article further goes on to say: The medical examiner’s office, however, said Card suffered from a condition in which his heart emptied of blood after the gunshot wound, affecting the way the blood settled in his body and potentially making the time of death less certain, according to Lindsey Chasteen, office administrator of medical examiner’s office in Augusta.  Totally bizarre!  The public should ask for a second opinion autopsy.  All the results are not in from the other tests and obvious missing discussion of the ballistics report.  When is that expected to be processed and released?

13. Senator Mark Kelly: IN THE NEWS: KELLY BACKED “BRANDON ACT” PASSES IN ANNUAL DEFENSE BILL – In case you missed it, last week, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly announced that the Senate passed the Fiscal Year 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that included the Brandon Act, legislation he introduced named in honor of fallen United States Navy Petty Officer Third Class Brandon Caserta of Peoria, Arizona.

14. The Brandon Act is designed to protect service members who experience mental health emergencies and reduce the stigma around reporting. This bill will allow service members to seek mental health treatment and require a mental health evaluation as soon as a service member self-reports. It will also allow Americans serving in uniform to seek help confidentially and, if necessary, outside of the chain of command.

Here is a Link to all of Keller Army Community Hospital: TriCare Leadership:

Our efforts to contact anyone on process at Keller and TRICARE has been useless.  It’s like a shell website – lines are disconnected or have not been set up.

AbleChild has reached out to Keller Army Community Hospital to discuss the process of the referral paperwork to Four Winds Psychiatric Treatment Center – total dead-end to date.

We spoke with Victor Vizcarrondo, 845-939-5874 Patient Relations/Advocate who said they cannot release data.  Then referred us to Public Affairs Officer, Ron Lanier, who when you call 845-938-6791, the phone disconnects.  We tried Victor back and a phone system announcement played that did not identify him or where we had reached.

We then reached out to HIPPA Officer at 845-939-6791 and the extension is not valid.

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