Manafort Investigated But Not Charged for Crimes in 2014 Because Obama Tied to Deal

A pair of Internet sleuths have uncovered information from the 2014 investigation of Paul Manafort that reportedly went nowhere because Manafort was tied to former President Obama’s Chief Counsel, Greg Craig, and State Department envoy, Cliff Sloan.

Techno Fog noted that the 2014 investigation of Paul Manafort went nowhere because it implicated Obama’s former White House Counsel Greg Craig –

There was a battle to recover more than $40 billion in stolen funds –

Obama’s Craig and Sloan were in the middle of the Ukrainian scandal –

Obama’s guys were funnelled $4 million to whitewash a politically charged prosecution –

Based Basterd notes that this is exactly why Obama’s DOJ left Manafort alone –

According to Based Basterd Rosenstein and the DOJ dismissed the Manafort case in 2014 –

Recently Mueller petitioned the judge for and was granted immunity for five people in the Manafort case. Per CNN they were –

The five witnesses granted immunity are: James Brennan, Donna Duggan, Conor O’Brien, Cindy Laporta and Dennis Raico. Court filings do not provide details as to what each will be testifying about.

What are the odds they had something to do with the 2014 investigation as well?

All roads lead back to Obama!

Hat tip Aldo

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