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Major Breaking News for Election Integrity in Wisconsin!

Major Breaking News for Election Integrity in Wisconsin!

Guest post by Jefferson Davis

As publicly promised, Wisconsin Assembly and Senate Leadership Teams are again following through with their commitments and respect for election law and integrity to make sure the 2024 Election Cycle in Wisconsin will be free from outside interference and resources to advocate for the legal and ethical certification of Wisconsin’s prized 10 Electoral College Votes.

We have been made aware of a major breaking effort to eliminate the Zuckerberg Staffers and the tens of millions of dollars that will never poison the administration of elections in Wisconsin ever again!

2023 Assembly Joint Resolution LRB-0695 has been released publicly, and is embedded and attached to this email, for Assembly and Senate Legislators to sign on as Co-Sponsors by Thursday, September 21st.  This Joint Resolution, when approved, will place on the April 2, 2024, Statewide Ballot, a constitutional amendment to permanently ban the Zuckerberg Staffers and millions of dollars from ever directly influencing the results of our elections ever again!

This Joint Resolution was passed in the 2021-22 Session and needs to be passed again in the 2023-24 Session to be placed on the Statewide Ballot on April 2, 2024.

As you know, the Zuckerberg Non-Profit CTCL (click here – Home – Center for Tech and Civic Life) swooped into Wisconsin early in 2020 for the Presidential Race to operate under the guise of helping the State of Wisconsin voters and Clerks prepare for the so-called “pandemic” and to make sure everyone was able to vote without “fear” of compromising their health.

Millions of dollars were deposited into the bank accounts of Clerks by the Zuckerberg Non-Profit CTCL across the state for absentee ballot drop boxes, printing ballots, equipment, supplies, curing absentee ballots, boots-on-the-ground Staffers, etc.

Of course, this appears to have led to the biggest election scam in the history of the State of Wisconsin on behalf of possibly some democrat operatives when some $10.3 million dollars was deposited into the coffers of municipalities across the state to “assist” with the administration of elections and may have affected the outcome of that election in heavy democrat voting areas in an election that was supposedly decided by 20,682 votes (click here – Amistad Project Exposes a Private Corporate Election Partnership between the “Wisconsin Five” Largest Cities and Zuckerberg funded CTCL (

The recently removed Administrator of Elections, in an excellent Op-Ed by WEC Chairman Don Millis, appropriately places the blame of the entire mess involving the Administrator of Elections appointment process squarely on the democrats for blatantly disregarding the law for State Statute 15.61 and indirectly the Zuckerberg fiasco (click here – Blame Democrats, not senate, for Meagan Wolfe’s removal from Wisconsin Election Commission (

The administration of the 2020 Presidential Race was so compromised and illegal, that the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled in July of 2022, that voters were “harmed” and “injured” due in part to the Administrator of Elections not following election law causing the results of that election to be “illegitimate” (click hereFrontsheet (

The Co-Sponsorship by fellow Assembly and Senate Members of LRB-0695 is critical so this Joint Resolution can be voted on during the October 10-19, 2023, Floor Session or the November 7-16, 2023, Floor Session, to be placed on the April 2, 2024, Statewide Ballot, finally giving voters a direct voice on this horrible behavior of some democrats and total disrespect of the administration of elections placing our Clerks in an untenable position while the democrats, as they say, “…play games”, when it comes to appointing a new Administrator of Elections.

Immediate Action Plan

Please immediately contact your Assemblyman and Senator to sign on as Co-Sponsors to Assembly Joint Resolution LRB-0695 by Thursday, September 21st, as follows:

Zuckerberg Constitutional Amendment – 2023 by Joe Ho on Scribd

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