Maine’s State’s Medical Officer Overseeing Mass Murder Case Has History of Miscues | Joe Hoft


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Maine’s State’s Medical Officer Overseeing Mass Murder Case Has History of Miscues

pic from Boston Univ School of Medicine

Maine’s Chief Medical Examiner overseeing the recent mass murder case in the state has a checkered past at best. 

AbleChild shared and was reported here last night the following:

7. Issues with the Maine Medical Examiner: (sent you link) Dr. Mark Flomenbaum


– The Maine Medical Examiner has faced complaints, including flawed autopsy reports and inaccurate timelines in prior cases. Toxicology reports have contradicted the Medical Examiner’s findings, in the past, accused of being unreliable.


8. Selected Release of his findings of Robert Card’s autopsy showed a blood condition yet no medical records have been attached to or released on what that condition is, in fact Dr. Flomenbaum doesn’t mention what surrounds that condition. It is very bizzare!

9. Basically, as it stands, the selected released of the Autopsy can’t verify the State of Maine’s timeline that was released late yesterday or the morning due to the blood condition.

This is backed up by prior publications.  A local Maine publication reported in 2019 on the state’s medical examiner:

After conducting a review of complaints made against the state’s chief medical examiner, the Maine office of the Attorney General says it is standing by Dr. Mark Flomenbaum.

The review came at the request of independent State Rep. Jeff Evangelos, who raised concerns that Flomenbaum was engaging in private consulting work on taxpayer time. Evangelos also complained that Flomenbaum’s initial findings in ahiker’s death were flawed and had to be amended.

In a letter issued Friday afternoon, the AG’s office says it found no indication that Flomenbaum conducts consulting work on state time, and that it’s not uncommon to amend death certificates.

Many questions remain of the Maine mass murders by Robert Card.  What drugs was he on and who recommended those drugs is yet to be uncovered. 

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