Maine Lawmakers Discuss “Transgender Trafficking Bill” Protecting Transgender Patients In and Out of State | Joe Hoft


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Maine Lawmakers Discuss “Transgender Trafficking Bill” Protecting Transgender Patients In and Out of State

Democrats in Maine decided to hold hearings on legislation protecting transgender patients within the state and from outside the state on Super Tuesday.  

The transgender issue reached a head in Maine on Tuesday.

Lawmakers held a public hearing for a new bill to protect transgender patients and Maine providers traveling to the state for medical care.

Supporters and those against the bill gathered in Augusta to testify and weigh in.

Those in favor of the bill, like Elayne Richard, say it would protect patients trying to receive gender-affirming care.

“This is really between the doctor and the patient regardless of what anyone else is saying,” Richard said.

Legislative Document 277 is an act regarding health care in the state that would not only protect patients but also health care providers in Maine who perform abortions or provide in-vitro fertilization, which is illegal in other states.

A clause in the bill would also safeguard providers and patients from out-of-state laws surrounding transgender medical care.

Lisa Margulies, with Planned Parenthood Northern England, said the bill provides safety for those not in Maine.

“What it does is protect providers protect clinicians from extreme out-of-state recourse or action or hostile litigation from out-of-state extremists,” Margulies said.

However, the Maine GOP has referred to LD 227 as a “transgender trafficking bill.”

“This bill is a nefarious attempt by the medical community to shield them from lawsuits that will come from physicians cutting off healthy sexual organs — destroying fertility and condemn people to a life of constant pain and suffering,” Republican Rep. Katrina Smith said.

“(The bill) creates Maine as a sanctuary state for all abortion services and for all sex change treatments for minor children,” Republican Sen. Stacey Guerin said.

The Maine Wire reports:

The bill — LD 227 — was deployed using a now-familiar ploy that involves introducing a generically named “concept draft bill” only to later substitute the bill for a massive amendment on short notice.

The tactic, which has been used frequently in recent years in order to reduce public scrutiny of legislative business, means that interested parties have had little time to understand the scope and impact of the bill, or to organize to attend the public testimony on March 5 at 1:00 pm in Augusta.

Liberals policies do not protect children they destroy them and then claim righteousness. 

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