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Maine Governor Reacts to Mass Murder – Creates Commission to Cover-Up Killer’s Doctors and the Meds They Prescribed?

Maine Governor Janet Mills announced yesterday that she will be creating an “Independent Commission” to look into the Robert Card murders. 

Yesterday afternoon the following report was released here and republished at The Gateway Pundit.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Authorities in Maine Withholding the Drugs Authorized to Mass Murderer Robert Card and Who Made the Authorization

Moments after this release, the governor of Maine announced that she was creating a “commission” to look into the Robert Card murders.

The Maine Wire reported:

Maine Gov. Janet Mills on Wednesday said she would be forming an independent commission to examine the failures and oversights that led up to Robert R. Card Jr.’s Oct. 25 murder spree.

“It is important to recognize that, from what we know thus far, on multiple occasions over the last ten months, concerns about Mr. Card’s mental health and his behavior were brought to the attention of his Army National Reserve Unit, as well as law enforcement agencies here in Maine and in New York,” Mills said in a statement.

“This raises crucial questions about actions taken and what more could have been done to prevent this tragedy from occurring,” said Mills.

Mills appeared short on answers at a press conference five days after the massacre when a national reporter grilled her for her lack of transparency.

A tweet shared some exchanges during the event.

The overall concern here is that Governor Mills is trying to cover up the drugs given to Card and the psychiatrists who managed his care.

As we pointed out yesterday, the state’s AG provided a non-answer when responding to the identity of any psychiatrist overseeing Card’s care. 

The point is that Big Pharma is making a lot of money on psychiatric medicines and many of the recent serial killers were on psych meds. 

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