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Mail Bomber – Conspiracy or Another Left Wing Hoax Like Benghazi Coverup, Russia Collusion or Kavanaugh Gang Rapes?

Because of the timing and many unanswered questions to date, the mail bomber is quickly being challenged on the Internet. Is this just conspiracy or another deep state far-left hoax like the Benghazi terrorist attack caused from a video, Trump – Russia collusion or Judge Kavanaugh being a gang rapist? Time will tell.


Hillary Clinton joked about the murder of Libyan leader Gaddafi –

A short time later, in 2012 when the US Ambassador to Libya in Benghazi was murdered, the Obama administration claimed it was due to a reaction to a YouTube video. We soon afterwords found out that it was a planned terrorist attack on Americans in Benghazi and the Obama Administration and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, slept knowing those involved were begging for help that they never received.

Obama and Hillary’s actions in Libya resulted in the eventual death of four Americans in Benghazi, including US Ambassador Chris Stevens. These Americans died due to Hillary’s and Obama’s inaction when those under attack called for help as terrorists were firing on them on 9-11 in 2012 as was famously portrayed in the movie 13 Hours. The YouTube video story was a lie!

Trump – Russia Collusion

In 2016, the Obama Administration began a concerted effort to spy on the Trump campaign. They inserted spies in the UK and set up Trump volunteer George Papadopoulos. Yesterday Papadopoulos declared that he was framed!

The entire Trump – Russia collusion hoax appears to be the biggest scam in US history. The Mueller ‘witch hunt’ was unconstitutionally created as a result. Congress continues to request information concerning FBI and DOJ actions related to the scam but requests are denied or redacted.

Kavanaugh Accusations

When it appeared that President Trump’s appointment to the Supreme Court was ready to be confirmed, multiple allegations were splashed all over the Mainstream Media (MSM) that Judge Brett Kavanaugh was involved in gang rapes when a teenager in Maryland over 3o years prior.

Judge Kavanaugh appeared before the Senate right after one of his accusers testified that Kavanaugh molested her as a teenager. Kavanaugh denied the claim and testified that he and his family were praying for the accuser. This is when Senator Lindsey Graham unloaded on the hoax being perpetrated by the far left Democrats on the Senate –

This leads us to today.

Mail Bomber

Two days ago packages were mysteriously found in the mail sent to top Democrats that apparently included bombs. The bombs never went off but over the past two days, over ten bombs were reported in the MSM. On Friday the accused was arrested. He is an individual from Florida who apparently had a white van with Trump stickers on it.

This is where the conspiracy begins –

Already there’s many questions on how the bomber’s packages slipped through the mail –

Packages were sent through even after the first ones were mailed?

Were the packages were received by the Secret Service?

How could the bombs not be detected by sniffers?

Maybe the bomber missed his calling, he should have started his own delivery service –

His family said he lived in a van – so where did he get money to do this?

His van was covered in Trump stickers –

The van is covered with decals not stickers – nice work –

With all those stickers on his van he was never pulled over?

The bomber recently changed from Democrat to Republican?

But it must be real because FBI Director Wray said these bombs were not fake –

What the hell is going on?

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