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MAGA Inc. Sunday Note from the Trump Campaign

Trump vs Biden DOW

MAGA Inc. Sunday Note from the Trump Campaign

The top issue for voters is inflation, and they trust President Donald Trump by a 22-point margin to handle this crisis, according to the latest NBC News poll released Sunday.

This is why Biden campaign surrogate J.B. Pritzker declined to say whether Joe Biden should debate President Trump when asked on CNN’s State of the Union. 

Everyone, including Pritzker and CNN, recognizes that Joe Biden is deeply unpopular. As CNN’s polling analyst Harry Enten reported, “Donald Trump is, in fact, better liked than he was four years ago — and is better liked than Joe Biden is right now.”

Two local news reports on Sunday — one out of Michigan and one out of North Carolina — tell the story of why Americans are ready to ditch Bidenomics.

In Marquette, Michigan — a local news report detailed how “in recent years inflation has pushed up the cost of everything we buy.”

While in Raleigh, NC — an anchor told viewers, “Well, how much did you spend to put dinner on the table this week? It’s probably a lot more than a couple of years ago.”

Taylor Budowich,

CEO, Make America Great Again Inc.

Democrats make it obvious that they are relying on the courts to interfere in the election:

  • The Hill reported, “Dems bank on Trump trial boosting Biden” and Joe Biden highlighted Alvin Bragg’s bogus case while on the campaign trail.
  • Alvin Bragg’s star witness has no credibility. Governor Kristi Noem noted on CNN’s State of the Union, “Michael Cohen has lied before Congress multiple times, that’s their main witness.”
    • The New York Times reported Sunday that “the trial could become a referendum on Mr. Cohen’s credibility.”
    • Michael Cohen is a convicted perjurer and a disbarred attorney.
  • The Associated Press found that 65 percent of Americans say President Trump did not break any laws in the Alvin Bragg case.

NBC News Poll: Voters trust Trump

  • NBC News’ latest poll shows voters think President Trump is the best candidate to handle a crisis, has the strongest record as president, is the most competent and effective, and will best handle the inflation and cost of living crisis.
  • Inflation was ranked as the top concern of voters, and 52 percent of voters said President Trump is best equipped to handle inflation, while just 30 percent said Joe Biden is best to handle the crisis.
  • NBC News’ poll showed President Trump leading Joe Biden nationally and follows a flurry of swing state polls showing President Trump ahead.
    • Fox News: “Trump maintains advantage over Biden in 2024 Georgia rematch”
    • Fox News: “Trump bests Biden by 3 points in Michigan”
    • The Hill: “Trump leads Biden in North Carolina”

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