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MAGA Inc. Sunday Note

MAGA Inc. Sunday Note

The following comes from the Trump campaign

Joe Biden doesn’t want to talk about it, and neither do his friends in the media, but tomorrow starts the federal trial of Hunter Biden for gun crimes. This case is already resurfacing highly embarrassing details such as Hunter’s penchant for drugs and escorts.

Joe Biden is highly worried about the case. The New York Times reported Sunday that Hunter Biden’s “legal problems” are at the top of the “list” of Joe Biden’s concerns, ahead of the “war in Gaza and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

This gun case just scratches the surface of the Bidens’ legal problems. Later this year, Hunter will face trial on tax evasion charges. In that case, he’s being indicted for failing to pay taxes on the millions of dollars he earned from sketchy foreign business deals in which Joe Biden was involved.

The unraveling of the Biden Crime Family’s business operations threatens Biden’s re-election hopes to the point that Biden’s donors might step in to fund Hunter’s legal fees.

A recent New York Times report revealed that Kevin Morris, Hunter Biden’s benefactor, is planning on pressuring Biden’s “advisers into helping find new donors” to pay for Hunter’s legal fees.

As the Washington Free Beacon’s Joe Simonson pointed out: “Some might say legal fees for the son is a campaign contribution, given that Hunter’s own attorneys have said in court that they believe these issues are a liability for the president. I wonder if they’re recorded that way.”

Taylor Budowich,

CEO, Make America Great Again Inc.

America stands behind President Trump:

  • It’s clear that the country isn’t buying Alvin Bragg’s hoax. Just look at the reception President Trump received in traditionally Democrat New Jersey at UFC 302. At one point, the crowd at the UFC event in Newark chanted “We Want Trump” so loudly that it was clearly audible on the TV feed.
  • The historic flood of small dollar donations pouring in to support President Trump also reflects the nation’s unity behind the Republican nominee. Lara Trump said on CNN’s State of the Union that in the “48 hours after Donald Trump’s verdict was read, our campaign and the RNC raised $70 million.”
  • The real verdict will come on November 5. On Meet the Press, Sen. Tom Cotton said: “It’s going to be based on things like they can’t pay for their rent and put food on the table for their kids. The border is chaos. We’ve got war all around the world. The reason why you have this weaponization of the legal system is because Joe Biden can’t defend his weak, failed record, and that they – the American people see through it and they remember that Donald Trump brought peace and prosperity to this country.”

Joe Biden is desperate to stop the release of the Robert Hur interview audio:

  • Biden’s Justice Department is making a bizarre argument in its attempt to block the release of Joe Biden’s interview with Robert Hur. This was the interview that caused Special Counsel Hur to determine that Joe Biden was unfit to stand trial. The DOJ argued in a court filing late Friday that it can’t release the audio of the interview because they are worried that it would be “improperly altered, and that the altered file could be passed off as an authentic recording and widely distributed.”
    • This argument doesn’t pass the smell test. Any recording, transcript, etc. released by the DOJ could be “improperly altered.” Under this standard, the DOJ could just stop complying with any and all FOIA requests. Why is Joe Biden so desperate to stop the release of this audio?

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