‘Lying Ted’ Cruz tweets Trump about Recent Votes that are Double the Reportable Numbers! | Joe Hoft


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‘Lying Ted’ Cruz tweets Trump about Recent Votes that are Double the Reportable Numbers!

Also posted by Jim Hoft at www.thegatewaypundit.com

Ted Cruz tweeted Donald Trump today and stated that he has won the last five (Republican Contests) in a row and more than 1.3mm voted for the Senator over this same time period.

Cruz Tweet

But these numbers are not what are reported on the RealClearPolitics (RCP) website. For the caucuses in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota the only votes reported were in Utah where Cruz reportedly won 122,567 votes. In the primary in Wisconsin Cruz won 531,129 votes. Combined this is only a little over 650,000 votes or about half the number of votes that Cruz says he has won.

Also, the Arizona primary was the same night as the Utah caucus, so the Senator must be suggesting that the Utah event ended after the Arizona primary in order to make his claim that he won the last five contests in a row.

Ironically the very first response to Cruz’s tweet calls Cruz a ‘sellout’ and a ‘liar’.

Cruz Tweet Response

The Senator’s tweet is even more remarkable after the manner in which he captured votes in the caucuses in Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota. Much has been written about these contests being stolen by the Republican establishment and Cruz. If Cruz wanted to win the election instead of the caucuses he would have stood up and called for actual elections in these states but instead he is bragging about his ‘wins’ which is no doubt killing the image he wants to portray of himself as the fair minded and democratic statesman.

Unfortunately for Cruz the next and final 16 state races are all primaries and Donald Trump is the heavy favorite in the next six state elections that will be held on the East Coast and many of the rest. As noted earlier Cruz will not only be mathematically eliminated from obtaining enough delegates to win the election outright by April 26th, he will have fallen to third place in popularity in many of these state elections by April end too.

In addition, Cruz is lagging behind all four of the current candidates in wins, delegates and votes (and this is after recording wins for him in Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota where no votes or wins are reported by RCP.) The results of elections in primaries and caucuses to date (as of Sunday April 17th) show that Trump outshines all the candidates.

Trump has Donald Trump has:

** More primary wins (17)

** More overall state wins (20)

** The highest percentage of primary wins (81%)

** The highest percent of overall state wins (63%)

** The highest percent of primary delegates (65%)

** The highest percent of overall delegates (58%)

** And Trump ties Hillary for the highest percent of overall votes (57%).

It is clear that Cruz wants to send a message that he is on a roll but in less than 9 days he will be mathematically out of the race and falling in popularity. This tweet was not a good idea for Cruz who Trump calls ‘Lying Ted’.

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