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Lou Dobbs Tonight Shares Gateway Pundit New Flash Tying Crowdstrike to the Atlantic Council and Obama’s Corrupt Director of National Intelligence James Clapper

On Wednesday evening on Lou Dobbs Tonight, Lou shared a ‘News Alert’ that was directly from the Gateway Pundit.

Dobbs shared

It seems like every night we learn more and more about the Deep State’s efforts to overthrow President Trump.

It has been uncovered that the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab has connections to the firm Crowdstrike. That’s the very same firm that found evidence of Russians hacking the DNC, so it is alleged, and an allegation that the FBI without its own inspection of the servers, accepted.

And who sits by the way on the Atlantic Council’s International Advisory Board, well that would be former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper. What a neat little tight bunch these folks are.

This news flash was related to our post yesterday –

MAJOR FIND: More Ammunition for Roger Stone: The Only Firm to Review DNC Server, Crowdstrike, is Connected to James Clapper, The Atlantic Council and More Shoddy IT Investigative Work

No matter how hard they try, the Deep State can never curtail the truth!

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