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Looks Like We’re Going to War with Iran [After Giving Them Billions and Everything They Wanted]

The Biden/Obama foreign policy is insane.  After giving Iran billions on 9-11 of this year America may soon be at war with Iran. 

The Obama foreign policy and domestic policy can be summed up in one word – destruction. 

On 9-11 in a slap to America’s face, the Biden/Obama administration gave billions to terrorist nation Iran.

President Trump Says Biden is a “Clown” and “Incompetent Fool” for Sending IRAN $6 Billion Today on 9-11

This action was a slap in the face to America.  It was as if Iran made the call.  We soon learned the Iran did make the call.  The gang representing the US in talks with Iran were Iran sympathizers.  The interactions between America and Iran were similar to the actions under the Obama/Biden regime because the same players were involved.

Former US Director of National Intelligence said that the talks between Iran and the US were essentially between Iran and Iran.

Former DNI John Ratcliffe Says Biden Ignores Intel and “We’re on the Verge of a War in the Middle East”

The latest news on Biden/Obama’s appeasement with Iran was that Biden/Obama allowed sanctions on ballistic missiles with Iran to expire while on his trip to Israel.

TREASON: Biden Allows Iran Sanctions to Ballistic Missiles to Expire After Giving Terrorist Regime Billions

This policy of appeasing Iran may be the worse policy in the stack of horrible policies by the Biden/Obama regime because according to Tucker Carlson, it looks like we are going to war with Iran.

This act will likely put the world in WWIII.

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