LOCK THEM UP: Now DA Bragg’s Office Is Caught Tampering With Evidence in Bogus Manhattan Case | Joe Hoft


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LOCK THEM UP: Now DA Bragg’s Office Is Caught Tampering With Evidence in Bogus Manhattan Case

Now its corrupt Soros-Backed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s gang that is tampering with evidence.

The Obama/Biden gang is so corrupt and anti-American.  They are criminals through and through.  They are thieves, liars and destroyers.

Last weekend it was uncovered that the Biden regime’s DOJ and Jack Smith had tampered with evidence when they raided President Trump’s home in Florida.  This was the first time a former President’s home has ever been raided.  The act was criminal.

Biden’s DOJ and FBI stole documents from President Trump and set him up with documents they sent to his property before the arrest.  We now know it was all a set up.  The corrupt group who ran this operation were caught and had to admit that they got caught.

WE WERE SO RIGHT: IT WAS ALL A SETUP – Corrupt DOJ Now Admits Inserting Documents Into Mar-a-Lago “Crime Scene”

A year and a half prior we had identified that the classified folders in the picture released by the corrupt DOJ to the Deep State New York Times were inserted and not something President Trump would have had in his possession.  We were right.

Now it’s being reported that corrupt Soros-backed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg tampered with evidence as well.  He too was caught.

One of Alvin Bragg’s paralegals admitted on the stand today in the Trump trial that his office deleted three pages worth of phone calls between Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Keith Davidson and Michael Cohen.

Not only that but they submitted the call records into evidence but didn’t mention to Trump’s team that some of the files were deleted.

This trial becomes more insane by the day.

Two cases against the President of the United States whom the Deep State stole the 2020 Election from and two crimes committed by the Biden/Obama gang.

These people must be arrested and imprisoned.  They are the real criminals and the punishment must be severe.  

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