LOCK THEM UP: Corrupt Obama Judge Chutkan and Corrupt Jack Smith Set Up Unreasonable Court Date in BS Trial in Their Communist USA | Joe Hoft


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LOCK THEM UP: Corrupt Obama Judge Chutkan and Corrupt Jack Smith Set Up Unreasonable Court Date in BS Trial in Their Communist USA


The real criminals are running the DOJ and the Courts.  LOCK THEM UP.

Barack Obama destroyed the US in all he did.  He wanted change.  The change he wanted was the destruction of this great country and the replacement of a communist state with him running the show.

This is exactly what he is doing.  Obama destroyed the DOJ and the courts and all his appointments should be removed and many thrown in jail.

Corrupt Jack Smith and Judge Chutkan are the worst of the most corrupt.  Judge Chutkan has a corrupt and criminal past.  She and her husband are Obama judges.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Corrupt Obama Judge Overseeing President Trump’s Case Has a History of Outrageously Corrupt Rulings Crushing Conservatives and Letting Liberals Off Scot-Free

Jack Smith is a monster.  Many believe he is a criminal.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: The Truth About Biden Henchman Jack Smith and the Democrats’ Witch-Hunt

Judge Chutkan and Jack Smith agreed to set the date for the BS Trump trial in DC the day before the Super Tuesday primaries in the US.  These people are animals and Obama henchmen.  They are evil with no regard for law and order.  They are the criminals.

The entire case in DC is based on the fact that their lies are the truth and than the 2020 Election was not stolen by them and President Trump was the one who tried to steal the stolen election.  It’s a total lie.

But in this criminal world of the Obama gang, the lies are their truths.  This is pure evil.

President Trump shared his thoughts on this BS court date as follows.

Statement from Trump Spokesperson
Crooked Joe Biden, Deranged Jack Smith, and their henchmen continue to abuse the American justice system in their goal of interfering in the 2024 Presidential Election in order to prevent President Trump from returning to the Oval Office. The date set today deprives President Trump of his Constitutional right to a fair trial, a seminal bedrock of America, and continues to expose the corruption of the witch hunts being thrown against President Trump. From setting a trial date for the day before “Super Tuesday” to sending a fundraising email the moment of President Trump’s processing in Fulton County, the Biden regime is no longer hiding its nakedly political motivations. President Trump will not be deterred, he will fight these hoaxes at every turn, and will win for the American people.


We are a communist nation now!

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