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Liz Harrington Shares Special Message and Prayer for Patriot Dr. Peter Navarro

Liz Harrington

Liz Harrington shared a special message and a prayer for her good friend, Dr. Peter Navarro. 

Yesterday at the War Room, Liz Harrington shared a prayer for Dr. Peter Navarro and a message for America.

Here is her message.

Peter Navarro is in prison. And Politico, in its glee, tells us what it’s really all about.

“He’s the first member of Trump’s White House to face imminent jail time over events stemming from the 2020 vote.”

The 2020 Election was stolen from the American People, and it took less than 4 years for the Biden regime to jail those who spoke the truth and tried to do something about it.

Will he be the last? Unlikely. The answer is simple: If your elections start to look like a third world country, don’t be surprised if your country starts to look like one.

And many more have already been arrested, in states pivotal to the steal. Should we count on scandal to save us? Not in a land that has no shame. Besides, there are countless other Fani Willis’s waiting in the wings to prosecute the political enemies at the behest of the evil ruling class, who are just as corrupt, if not quite as debaucherous.

The real scandal is that these charges are being brought in the first place. They indicted the most popular incumbent president in history for asking Americans to tune into a public state legislature hearing, which happened to be covering the most corrupt election in Georgia history. “Contempt of Congress”? The feeling is mutual. And if it is a crime, then they will have to indict well over 100 million of us.

Politico claims Navarro’s crime was refusing to provide “testimony or documents” to “congressional investigators probing Trump’s bid to subvert the 2020 election,” citing “Congress’ need for Navarro’s information.”  They could have read the Navarro Report.

But they were never interested in the mountains of evidence the election was stolen. Their entire purpose was to cover it up. One cannot subvert something that has already been subverted. And the so-called “congressional investigators,” the UnSelect Committee, was a group of hacks and thugs who have spent their lives subverting America and our God-given rights, slowly and surely corrupting and perverting our constitutional system meant to uphold the rule of law and keep us free.

And we are very far removed from the America of old. A nation founded upon heroes pledging their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor is now led by villains with no honor, who steal the fortunes of others, so they can continue to sacrifice the lives of the innocent.

Thankfully, our appeal in this battle does not rely on the mercy of Chief Justice John Roberts. Our appeal is to one, the only one, who shakes the foundations of prisons. The one who heals the brokenhearted, proclaims liberty to the captives, recovers sight to the blind, and sets at liberty those who are oppressed. Let’s call on Him today for my friend Peter Navarro.

Harrington was on with the War Room to share her prayer and message of hope.

Our appeal is to heaven…Pray for this country… We need to stand in righteousness.

3 thoughts on “Liz Harrington Shares Special Message and Prayer for Patriot Dr. Peter Navarro”

  1. Heavenly Father, we thank you and praise you for our country. Please thwart the evil plans of men, and expose the evil deeds of men so that they will not escape justice, and rescue from destruction the innocent, the helpless, the unwary, and the unsaved. Protect those facing persecution, blessing and shielding them, and touch the hearts of their persecutors, lifting the veil, so that they will recognize their sin, repent, and trust Jesus Christ as savior.

    Father we pray that you would give us leaders in all levels of society, including politicians, who have clarity, integrity, and passion for what is right. Give them great intelligence to solve problems, but please give them great strength of character, to stay away from anything corrupt or sinful as well.

    Bless all who love us and all whom we love. Bless and protect Donald Trump, all of his supporters and allies, all lawmakers who uphold Biblical principles, law-keepers in all branches of the military and in all law enforcement agencies – especially those Departments which are under attack – all who are tasked with ending corruption by bringing the truth to light, and ALL of their families, working your good and perfect will in their lives this day, delivering them from evil, and enabling them to become the servants you want them to be, so that with wisdom and discernment they will lead spiritually fruitful, spiritually productive lives, and as happy, healthy, and long as you have appointed with your good and perfect will, free from malevolent interference.

    Protect us from a slow agonizing destruction we pray.

    In Jesus’ name, Amen

      • As a Jew I support this prayer and hope the force of love will spread its wings to protect DJT and watch over Peter Navarro as Justice should prevail and just laws will protect the richness.
        DJT will soon be back in the WH where he belongs. He will never
        let lawlessness overtake America. He will remember all those that are fighting the right and that crested the injustice to force him to take appropriate actions so these wrongs will not happen again. To him or anyone.


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